Policies: Reviews and Guest Posts

E-mail me if you would like to participate in a guest blog. (Paridzule dot keep at gmail dot com)

Please read through this page before contacting me. Thanks!

* Length: I'm a bit long winded myself, but this is my blog. Please try to keep posts under 400 words. Anything over that, we'll discuss.

* Content: Keep it clean. You know I can swear like a sailor at times, but I try to tone it down. However, don't bring political or religious discussions to my blog. Those are the two topics that incite war. They're also the two topics I tend to avoid in polite society. Anything writing related, book related (yours or someone else's), movies, music and all things gaming or fantasy. Don't be morose, give my audience a laugh!

Topics I'm looking for include World Building, Character Development,anything pertaining to helping writers. I also have an author interview if you would prefer that instead.

* Please include purchase or site links and any .jpgs that pertain to your post topic.

Book Review Policy

Please note: I am no longer doing reviews. Time has become an issue for awhile. If I am able to return to this, I will. Thank you!

Contact: paridzule(dot)keep(at)gmail(dot)com

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Elendil said...

I do love this blog of yours, Mel :-). I am a bit ashamed that it took this long to post a comment, but better late than never! I will look forward to perusing your blog on a regular basis.