Thursday, August 16, 2018

5 Books That Left A Mark...

As writers, we hope that our books will make someone's top 5 or top 10 list of books that made a lasting impression. As readers, though, we have our own list. I'll be posting each week, my top 5 books that left a lasting impression on me.

I might cheat a bit... lots of the books that inspired me were in a series.

So on that note, we're going to start with #5 right off the bat!

Book Title: Pet Sematary

Author: Stephen King

Why this left a lasting impression on me:

Stephen King, without a doubt, was one of my go-to authors when it came to horror way back when. Up until I read Pet Sematary, I had read "Christine" and "Carrie". Sure, those were great creepfests, but they didn't impact me like Pet Sematary did.

I could NOT sleep!!! It scared the ever loving beejeezus out of me. Seriously. I was nineteen when I read the book. When I was through, not only was I thoroughly freaked out, but I was inspired. I wanted to write a horror story!

I did attempt to write one, but gave up. I thought, I'll never be as spooky as Stephen King. However, I think that is about to change! I've lately been dipping my toe... ok, my whole right leg, into the horror pool.

So thank you, Mr. King, for giving me inspiration, nightmares and a genuine love for horror!

Leave me a comment and tell me one of the books that left a lasting impression.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Giveaway Results...

Thanks to all who helped get the word out about "Wyndham Hall" by Midge Cline! Our drawing was a success and we have a winner!

Joseph Eakin!

You've won a free e-book of Wyndham Hall as well as a $10 gift card to Amazon.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Author Interview & Giveaway: Midge Cline...

Hey all, I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine. She's on the team of authors who are working to get The BREED books out through Midian Entertainment. However, this is her debut book that has nothing to do with the BREED. This is "WYNDHAM HALL", a ghost story set in Ireland with a little Irish history thrown in for good measure. Make sure to read to the end, as we're going to give away a free copy of her e-book plus a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Midge Cline!

Please tell us a little known fact about you.

My favorite animal is the Rhinoceros - I love that they are huge, near sighted and have strong parental instincts. -- they remind me of someone. I tell myself to pull my inner rhino out when facing any obstacles. Rhinos just ram through obstacles. I love that about them.

What was your favorite genre to read growing up? 

Mystery and Horror. 

Is this the genre you currently write in? 

I write mystery, horror and have added Sci-fi fantasy for my upcoming Breed series for Midian Entertainment.

What inspires you to write? 

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN and a few things above that.

What sort of atmosphere do you need to write? 

Quiet would be nice, does not happen often, but would be rather helpful. And coffee -- there must be coffee.

What is your all time favorite book? 

I have read every Dame Agatha Christie book ever written. She is my writing Idol. Her books are my forever favorites.

Who is your all time favorite character that is not your own? 

Miss Marple, I just love that nosy little opinionated lady. She makes me giggle.

Who is your favorite character of your own creation? 

Hmm.. That is a hard one-- I guess KERSA from the upcoming Breed series book of the same name. She is a champion, a warrior and never backs down. I love her strength and her ability to survive what the universe has thrown at her. She sees wrong and right as a black and white issue- no gray areas. She always fights for the oppressed and abused.

When did you decide to become a writer? 

I wrote my first story when I was 4 years old, in crayon. I have just always felt the need to put stories on paper.

Where are you from? 

I was born on the Oregon Coast, We moved to Eastern Washington State when I was 9. - the same time Mt. St. Helens erupted. It was exciting.

Why do you write? 

Because it is something I absolutely cannot - not do- every day. I am just a soul-driven writer.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you have ever been given? 

Write everyday - read even more.

What’s the worst thing someone has ever said about your work? 

They thought it was pathetic and boring- I was 12 - she was 20- she was my sister. She has since changed her mind. But it really hurt at the time.

Has your writing ever been compared to another, famous author? If so, who? 

A certain Publisher once compared my writing style to JD ROBB -- I am still thrilled.

What advice would you pass on to new authors/young authors? 

Write every day- I use writing prompts and keep them in a journal so I can read how much I have changed.

What is the best thing someone has said about your work? 

That I should have been published a long time ago, because they felt my work was inspiring to writers. I love writing - this makes me feel good.

And last, but not least, something really random: 

~ What is your dream vacation? IRELAND -- please?? I will beg.

~ What’s your favorite alcoholic drink? When I drank it was Amaretto Sours. Now I just like my coffee and my coke a cola.

~ Motorcycle or SUV? SUV-- I cannot fit the spawn, grandspawn, dogs and groceries on a motorcycle. -- well at least not comfortably.

~ Real books or eReader? OMG it depends-- in the tub or curled up on my sofa I prefer to hold a real book in my hands, I like audio books while I am driving or in bed, and ebooks in waiting rooms and at the beach or where ever I have a wi-fi connection. I love books so much in any form.

Thanks so much for participating in the interview! Links to Midge Cline's books are below, as well as the details for the giveaway. Good luck everyone!

Kindle Version, Paperback on Amazon, Smashwords for all other devices.

**Artwork for the book cover was done by Aimee Woodward @ DigiDawgDesigns.**

Friday, July 13, 2018

My Hobbies When I'm Not Writing...

Most of you know I'm a creative person. I don't have just ONE thing that I do.

Sometimes, dear Lord, I wish there was just ONE thing.

Sadly, that's not the way it goes. Or should that be happily? Sometimes, it's both.

Outside of work and writing, I am a gamer, which you all knew. I'm also a crafter, which you also knew.

But there is a LOT to my crafting. I mean a lot... I don't just have a craft room, I have a craft house. When I have a house that is!

So here are a few things I do that I'm pretty dang proud of:

Polymer clay -

I looooove polymer clay. I've gotten to the point where I use white, and paint it myself. I feel it allows me more creative expression.

Mini fairy house charm

Paint & Resin -

I discovered a joy for painting, even though I don't think I'm very good at it. But I am learning quite a bit. Dot painting is my favorite, so far.

Dump pour painting style. 3x3 magnets.

Rock painting.

Dot art

Mixed media -

I watch lots of YouTube tutorials for things. Sometimes, what I watch, inspires much more.

Dragon egg made from plaster of paris and polymer clay.
Egg made from plaster of paris, then painted dump pour style and sealed with a resin coating.

So what are your hobbies outside of writing?

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What To Expect When You're Expecting Breed...

I'm going to attempt to give a little insight into the world of The Breed, today.

This world was designed and created by two friends, Charles and Ray, about 20 years ago. We all know how life can move fast, things get put on the back burner and then, all of a sudden, BOOM!!! You're going, "Hey, whatever happened to all that?"

But what happens when you're not exactly a writer?

That's where I came in. I've known Ray for some time. We were old gaming buddies back when gaming was a MuD. (Legends of Cosrin). Ray and I reconnected on Facebook and I got to talking about my writing. At the time, I was working on Adversarius and had just released Veritas.

I'm going to be honest.  I really felt as if I failed as a writer. Of course I self published after being burned a couple times. But honestly, that was my fault for not researching and taking the time to go through proper channels. Oh, the things I learned. I will be finishing the trilogy soon, but in the meantime, I have found a love for supernatural, paranormal, horror stories. And you know what? I'm pretty dang good at scaring the beejeesus out of people.

I know. Vain!

Anyway, Ray and I got to talking about his idea and he directed me to Charles. That was five years ago. I have taken the ideas Charles had and I've worked them into decent stories. I began inviting other authors into this world, getting their take on things. We have a pretty solid core group. All in all, about 6 other authors, not including myself.

*Artwork by Ramses Melendez on ArtStation. NOT associated with Midian Entertainment

At the moment, we're sitting on four full length novels, a short story trilogy and at least two screenplays, with three other stories waiting in the wings. Plus, a super special series that will only be available to members who sign up for the newsletter. We have a myriad of artists who will be doing original artwork for covers and work on graphic novels.


I hope this has piqued your interest. I'm on pins and needles, myself.

Questions? Comments? You know I love to hear from you! I also have a board on Pinterest dedicated to BREED. If you'd like to check it out, let me know!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Needing My Fix...

The one thing I hate most about moving, is when all of my creative stuff is packed away. I haven't crafted anything in almost a month, now. My computer is packed away. All I have out is my cute little tablet.

Thank goodness it has a keyboard!! Otherwise, posting would be an autocorrect nightmare.

The other good thing, is I'm able to continue writing. Gotta love having the MS Word app.

I'm getting excited for the release of BREED. I'm still looking for a countdown banner to put up here. In the meantime, I can share the link to the website at the very least!.

I'll share that link at the end of this post.

One of our authors will be debuting with a series based on the Fae. In August, she'll be releasing her very first self-pubbed MG ghost story. I will host a giveaway at that time, so be sure to check back here often!

Hope you are all having a great Monday and had a good weekend!

BREED Website

Monday, July 2, 2018

Moving Forward...

There are always times when life just moves so fast! It's been over a year since moving to Oregon. Now, we're in the middle of moving once again. My friend, and fellow author, Nancy claims I am her Gypsy friend! I'll take it.

Our move, this time, is local. We're hoping it will be our "forever" home, or very close to it. Right now, we're waiting for inspections to be done and walls to go up.

In the meantime, I've been crafting and packing and working on the house. Writing has taken a back seat, but with crafting stuff packed away, writing is going to take the driver's wheel.

I hope.

Blogging comes next. Book promotions and getting things ready for the release of The Breed is something that has been ongoing for quite some time. It just hasn't made it here.

In the next few days, I hope to have a countdown banner for The Breed release. At that time, I will share links of the website and the authors and other members of the team helping to get this amazing world out into the light of day.

Or rather, the dark of night.

Hope all is well with you! See you soon!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

What Would Your Search History Reveal?

As writers, we're always researching. And, of course, the best place to do most of that research is the internet.

I've had other authors talk about some of the things they've had to look up for the sake of the potency of their story. I know I've certainly had to look up some strange things!

Some of the things I've researched:

Pagan spells and potions.

Picking locks.

What wounds cause X amount of blood loss.

Types of guns.


Computer hacking.

Oh, I'm sure there are lots of other things, too. I just can't recall all of them at the moment. Other authors have researched inject-able drugs to knock people out immediately, what it feels like to be shot or stabbed. Effects of poisons. What people look like after being dead for X amount of time.

It's crazy, isn't it?!

Tell me in the comments, what's the weirdest/scariest thing you've Googled for book research? I look forward to reading your comments!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror: Author Interviews ~ Jenna Miller

It's November 1st. Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2017 is now available! So today, I have an interview with the creator of the anthology, Jenna Miller. Not only is she the one responsible for this wonderful, creepy collaboration of chills and thrills, she's also a contributor as well. Let's get on with the interview! Her answers will be in green.

What inspired Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror? 

Way back in 2007, just after I’d published my first fantasy novel, I was invited to contribute to a horror anthology (Concrete Blood: Dark Tales of the City) – it was so much fun and I wanted to do my own anthology. We were also just starting Word Weavers (a writer’s group) at the time, and doing anthologies through there … I wanted one that was just for women, and more importantly, just for women in horror. When I approached people about it, I got mixed responses. A lot of women didn’t want to do it. I got a lot of flak about exploiting women and how it wasn’t “positive.” I also had a few guys who joked about not having a men only anthology.

So I decided to do both, a Ladies and a Gents, and a combined.

How often have you contributed to the anthology? 

I contributed in 2008, 2013 and 2016.
What are the titles of the stories you’ve contributed? 

Addiction, Bitch and Slither (respectively).

What was one of the hardest scenes you’ve ever had to write? 

The rape/cannibal scene at the beginning of Addiction.

How does your family feel about the production of the anthology? 

They’re encouraging, but hate that they essentially lose me for the few months I work on it.

Why do the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society? 

The anthology doesn’t make enough money to pay each contributor much at all, so in 2013 the group decided that donating the profits to charity would be best. As a group we chose breast cancer, but finding a charity that actually puts your donations towards the cause is hard, and that’s why, after much research, we chose the ACS.

I’ve asked all the authors, now I’ll ask you, too. Do you Google yourself? 

Sometimes, and while I have one of the most common names ever in the history of ever, I’m always in the top ten or so. Which is scary.

What is your preferred genre for writing? 

Horror, though I do love the occasional dabble into fantasy and sci-fi.

How do these contributors make you feel? 

I love my contributors. Each and every one has taught me something and helped both me and the anthology grow. I’ve developed long lasting friendships and also learned a few hard lessons working with people from all over the world over the last nearly ten years.

Has the success of the anthology grown over the years? 

Yes. Bit by bit, I see its popularity growing. Even now I’m booked up for the next two years in both the fantasy and the horror—which is hard to fathom, considering as I used to have to sell my soul, and seduce or otherwise entice people in order to get contributors.

How does one contribute to the anthology? 

By sending a query of interest (details can be found in the “notes” on our websites (Queries or Submission Queries) or on the FB pages ( Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror or Ladies and Gentlemen of Fantasy ) or to Email (horror) or Email (fantasy).


Thanks so much for your time, Jenna! I wish you much success with these anthologies as time goes on.

Don't forget, you can purchase your copy of the anthologies now!