Thursday, January 28, 2010

Excerpt No. 3

Okay, so I am going to be unusually cruel here. Okay, maybe not unusually. I've got this little snippet here and I can't wait to share it.

Are you ready?

The routine Alabassin had fallen into helped him immensely. While he still felt restless at times, he knew that things would happen on a daily basis to help keep him from dwelling on things he had no control over at the moment. A knock at his door usually meant someone would be entering soon and they were trying to give him a moment to make himself presentable. After the first few days of hearing a knock at his door, he stopped opening it.
The knock came and he shifted in his chair, holding open a book he had pilfered from the huge library two stories below him. The light coming in from the window he sat next to bathed him as well as the small print of the old book. When the knock sounded again, he looked away from the page he had been reading and tilted his head. Another knock came and still no one entered, so he closed the book after marking where he left off and opened the door. His annoyance at having to actually open the door dissipated so quickly it left him slightly light headed as he stared at first Hedric, standing before him, then to Kayta.
“Kayta?” he croaked, his voice betraying him as he spoke her name.

Now wasn't that fun?

I love Alabassin. My friend (We'll call him Ninny) that I played Cosrin with was gracious enough to let me use his character. Our characters were married anyway, in the game that is. However, Ninny just wouldn't do as a name for this book. Alabassin is not a Ninny, nor is Ninny a ninny. Hmm.. confusing.

Anyway! I think I have caught the essence of Ninny very well. At least I hope I have. I think the relationship that he and Kayta have is one legends are made of. Move over, Lancelot. My Alabassin is going to put you to shame. :D

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