Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, that wasn't fun....

So I had spent the better part of two weeks or more completely cut off from everything. Mind you, I don't subscribe to cable or satellite television simply because I don't watch that much TV. I get my news from the internet, papers, that sort of thing. However, when I didn't have my phone or internet for those weeks, add to it no television, I felt completely isolated and stretched my imagination to keep from going insane!
I read books, colored on my posters, played other video games I have neglected and watched movies. You would think with a collection of DVD's that totals somewhere in the 100's that I would have something to watch.
Writing worked only for a little while. I didn't have people to call to bounce ideas off of and I was unable to email others for my writing support. I know I will never be cut off like that again, but while I was, it was not fun!
Just goes to show how much people rely on these simple basics of communication. I even went so far as to buy the local paper rather than read it online like I normally do. I suppose I could have sat down and wrote some letters, but how Dark Ages did I want to get? Yes, I am spoiled. I like my instant gratification, thank you very much.
Oh well, I'm back and that Dark Age of my month is over! Hooray!

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Cheri Chesley said...

Hooray!! You're back.

I can't believe it got so bad you actually had to buy a;)