Friday, March 5, 2010

Post # 40...

Nothing very exciting, even for my fortieth post! Mostly bummed that two and a half feet of snow dumped on us overnight.
So I am stuck inside today, probably tomorrow as well. I will have to go back to editing, reading and drawing. I'm trying to incorporate some design elements into the character drawings I've done. I have to change the race of another.
I've touched base with some old Legends of Cosrin friends. Perhaps I'll jump into the game to get my Muse up and running. They'll recognize characters I've worked on, listed in an older post.
Wow, so no creative flair to the title, nothing spectacular in this post. I suppose I am writing to write, to get my fingers used to the keyboard. My husband makes fun of me when I am writing, how fast I type. It always amazes him at how quickly my fingers can tap things out on the computer. Especially when I am on a roll!
It's a snow day today, not just for school, but for work as well. With all the snow that dumped on us, we're having to borrow a snow blower from our friends. I don't mind the snow, really. I guess I'm ready for winter to be over. Most everyone is who lives up here. We work all winter towards spring and summer, we play and work hard before winter. By the first snowfall, everyone is ready to settle in. It takes some time before everyone gets a little stir crazy.
Of all the places I've lived, Alaska seems to be the hardest working group of people. I've done things up here I would never have thought of doing in any other place I've lived. I actually used a sled to bring groceries down our road. I walk on slick roads with a ski pole to avoid slipping and falling. Maybe I should get out my daughter's snowboard... I'd probably break my neck!
Well everyone have a good weekend!


Becky Boodles said...

How can you be bummed that we got 2 1/2 feet of snow? I think it's wonderful =) I was nervous there for a while. This winter has been unusual. I'm happy that we got a huge dumping. Snowball fights, tubing, snow-man making, and hot cocoa =P

Mel Chesley said...

Because I so want winter to be over! XD I want to start working on my garden and planting veggies and stuffs. :D
I did have a snowball fight today too, however it is unfair when someone else can aim the snow from the snowblower at you. Lol!