Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Website Wednesday...

Last week's attempt got derailed horrendously because of my stupid internet. So I will attempt to do this again.

I love creative things, I'm an artist as well as a writer. I live my life thinking outside of the box, so when I come across something unique and fun, I have to share it.

Now, I haven't been to this site in quite some time until my daughter and I were sitting here reminiscing about silly websites we used to visit when she was younger. My favorite YouTube video at the time (and ok... honestly still is) was Charlie the Unicorn. Shun the non-believers!

So along those lines, I would like to introduce you to Bitey Castle Bitey appears to be the last of his kind, or in this current episode, is he? The animation on this site and the creatures are adorable. Bitey can be pretty mean, but he gets what he gives. This latest installment tries to tell you why Bitey is the way he is.

My all time, personal favorite has got to be Prowlies at the River. The Prowlies are funny and cute! But it is more than just the animation. The music (Gaelic in nature, if my ears do not deceive) is awesome. The stories don't usually have much narration or dialogue but the point is always clear. So, visit Bitey Castle. You won't be disappointed.

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