Friday, May 13, 2011

Working It...

I've been given a little boost in inspiration from two of my Blogger buddies.

Mary over at M.P. MacDonald Has The Write Stuff. Her offer to join her and her friend in their one hour writing sessions. I have yet to get in on one due to stupid Doctors. But I really look forward to participating in one soon to get me back in the groove of writing!

My other inspirational buddy was Hart over at Confessions of a Watery Tart. Her Divine Order post had me thinking... I'm already doing that!

I have had the idea for awhile to gather a following before promotion when (and if) I get published. I have my website up and running with all sorts of information as if I am already published.

What I didn't think about, was what Hart said in her post about promoting other authors. It isn't just good Karma, but it configures into all the networking we do. I have tons of author friends on FaceBook and "know" dozens of authors in my networking efforts. Plus, I've been trying to figure out what exactly to add to my website pages. Well, this is it. My author promotional page. I get to take down the silly page of books on my personal shelf and leave that specifically as a sidebar. There are lots of people who want/need promotion.

So here's the deal. You send me: Website link, a pic of your book (.jpg is preferable) as well as a pic of yourself and a short bio. Even a quote from your book or review quote. You name it. I'll make your little section look as professional as possible on my site. All I ask in return is a link back to my site. Once I get published, we'll talk details. :D

Eventually I will be getting around to guest blogs. I would like to post guest blogs here and on my website as well. I have a blog as well as a forums area where I can archive the guest blogs/interviews.

So where do you send your info? Right here: That's me! I'm looking forward to this. :D

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