Monday, January 25, 2016

GTKM: 6...

It's that time again. It's Monday! And also, the latest in the "Getting to Know Me" series.

This week, there are two questions to answer, simply because one is well, simple. In case you were wondering, I'm working from a list of questions.

So, question numero uno for today is:

How many languages do you speak?

One. I speak one, Bob. Although, I did take French in high school and am picking it back up with my phone app, Duo Lingo. I also have the CD's to learn Russian and Mandarin Chinese. Ambitious, aren't I?

Okay, next question:

If you could join any past, or current, music group, which would it be?

Oh, the decisions. First, let me just say it would have to be as a Roadie or something, because I don't sing well enough to be part of a group. And I play a mean kazoo.

I'd have to say past group, first of all and that would be The B-52's. I don't know. They just seem so fun. But there are so many to consider because I'm like all about music. I love so much of it. I'd even consider becoming a part of the Philharmonic Orchestra or even Mannheim Steamroller. I just want to be a part of creating the music, too, but that's something else for another post.

How about you? How many languages do you speak? What group would you join?

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