Monday, February 1, 2016

GTKM: 7...

It's Monday! Please don't shoot me. I'm not that excited about it being Monday, but I am excited to be posting regularly again.

I'll get to it so the masses don't start to become unruly.

Today's question is:  What was your first job?

My first job was working at McDonald's. I was in high school and, of course, there weren't many jobs that would hire teenagers.

Since then, I've worked a lot of different jobs. Cashier is the main one. I have done that job over and over again. But I have worked as a receptionist in a dental office, briefly. Another high school job. I've worked Tech Support/Password Security for two different places.

Password Security was at America Online. I was there when we celebrated having one million simultaneous users on the internet. *Gasp!* How exciting! Think about that, now.

Tech Support was at Intuit for Turbo Tax. And yes, people actually did ask if the CD player was a cup holder.

I worked in an Assay Lab, grinding down rock samples for Geology labs. Dusty work!

I've worked in a Print Shop, helping people figure out the end result of their business cards and flyers as well as formatting templates for the printer.

And now, I work at Michael's, where I help people with their craft projects (THAT's a long list, too) and am studying to do Medical Transcription.

Okay, your turn. What was your first job? Leave your answer in the comments!


BackerX said...

McDonalds too. I was so committed, it's embarrassing to think about.

Mel Chesley said...

Being committed to a job isn't that bad. It shows a strong work ethic! ;)