Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Close of Another Year

So we're winding down, here in 2009. I have to admit I am looking forward to 2010 simply because I never thought I would get this far. *Chuckles* I've had my two cute new kitties for a whole year; I've done National Novel Writing Month yet again and have re-written what I feel is my best story. So far. That is until people read about Black Rose. Then we'll see what they say about him. *Grins* He's very cool.

So I have been slacking in the blogging world. It happens. I tend to get so busy with other things (World of Warcraft) that I have to stop for a moment, catch up with myself and get back into a routine. (Writing, Evony, Age of Pirates) Hehe! Seriously. I had to take a really good break from my re-write to figure out exactly where I wanted to go. Near the end there, I got very repetitive and probably a little long winded just to hit that 50,000 word mark. I mean really, I didn't even use the word "Chapter" once.

Now, back to the writing I go. I have to finish this, then move forward once more to the editing aspect of the Black Rose story. I'm finding I've got quite a few people waiting in the wings to do some beta reading for me, to let me know where I can tweak this or that, fix this here and there. I got the best phone call on Christmas Eve from a friend who read my book. He and his brother loved it and he called to see if I had written any more. It made my day. :D

Hopefully soon I will post some more tidbits as I go. I'll just keep writing, you all will just keep reading. It's all good. ;)

Have a good holiday everyone.