Monday, September 19, 2022

Expected Release Date For Podcast...

 Hey all! OMG am I excited about launching this writing podcast! I cannot begin to tell you. 

Well, I can. 

And I will.

I may even be more excited than him!

So my writing podcast will not only be audio, but I am going to brave the world and record myself doing the podcast. There will be lots of opportunity to see/hear it as it will be up on YouTube.

I will announce some things during the first episode, where you're kind of getting to know me. I'll BE HONEST! I tend to swear. A lot. But I am going to tone it down and maybe have my editor put in a suitable beep.

I am looking to launch October 5, 2022, barring there are no earth shattering shenanigans going on, or in my case, real life issues.

Now, with that being said and something DOES happen, well, I'll just release on Dia de los Muertos. The Day of the Dead. {Insert dramatic music and maniacal laughter} Ahem. I love the word Muertos.

I'll still be looking out for authors, editors, agents or voice actors who would like to be interviewed or join round table discussions via Discord. (Once a date is set, you will be invited.)

You now have several ways to get a hold of me to let me know:

Email me HERE.

Find me on Twitter, either my username MelMcC7 or with the hashtag #CaledoniaLass

You can leave a comment here on this page, I will see it.

Or you can just yell into the void and my demon minions will come chitter your name in my ear.

Please leave a comment or share this post. Link will be on Twitter!

Friday, September 16, 2022

Writing Podcast ~ Coming Soon...

 I'm getting very excited about  my writing podcast!!

I would love for you to contact me if you are interested in any of the following:

Author Interview

Roundtable Discussion

Editor Interview

Agent Interview

Audiobook Narrators/Voice Actors

These are just a few things you'll find in my podcast. In between, it will be just little ol' me chatting away about character creation and development, world building, genres, and more.

If you have any ideas for topics, I am more than open to suggestions. Discussion for the roundtable episodes will include things like book banning, cancel culture, why certain genres get a good or bad rap.

I was going to do one of my stories, chapter by chapter, however, the story I had planned out for this changed direction (my characters are divas!), and isn't ready quite yet. So perhaps that will be something to add in later on if there's any interest.

I would love to get some feedback from you, or please contact me about topics or about being interviewed. For now, you can direct message me on Twitter @MelMcC7 or comment here. I will be setting up a web page and email specific to the podcast as soon as possible. Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Bucket List...

 I've been seriously thinking lately about a bucket list. I guess I've hit that age, but to be honest, I've been putting things on my list for some time now. I suppose, as we age, it tends to become more and more important, because, let's face it, we're not going to reverse the aging process, nor are we going to live forever.

I do not want to be immortal. Immortalized, yes. But I don't want to live forever and watch family and friends come and go.

A lot of authors will have a bucket list for their writing. Things like, publish first book. Check. Become a best-seller. Check. Do book signings. Check.

You get the idea. Sometimes, I feel, your personal bucket list would help you with your other types of bucket lists.

For example, my personal life list includes the following:

Visiting Lake MacDonald in Montana. The one with the clear blue glacier water and all the stunning rainbow pebbles. This would help me in my writing, just by trying to detail this impressive are by using all my senses.

Visiting each state and their tourist landmarks. First of all, I could get a pretty good idea of community in each state. Seeing the sights would help in writing about different places. And who doesn't want to see the world's largest ball of string?

Shark cage. Yes, I said it. Shark cage. Oh. My. Goodness. If I am brave enough to get my happy backside into a shark cage, I am brave enough to do anything! What and experience that would be! I'd be at  my book signing telling everyone how I went into a shark cage. And I want to boop the nose of the closest shark!

Researching other counties and cultures can be fun, but it would be even better to sit and talk to native people about their customs and their folklore. Hmm... can I get a grant for that?

So far, that's about all I have. The traveling about would take up a lot of time, but I would do it and be happy. I have other things, like snorkeling, seeing the redwoods and such. But the ones I feel would help me navigate my writing bucket list are the ones you've just read.

So what would be on your author bucket list? Or even just your bucket list? Leave me a comment or find me on Twitter @MelMcC7

Monday, September 12, 2022

Prepping For Take-Off...

 I'll be working in my new "studio" hopefully by next week! I can't wait to get started. I've got my microphone, I've got my sound-proofing and all sorts of cool stuff.

I'll be doing a roll-call for authors who would like to be interviewed and/or join a round table discussion on writing. I also have a discord channel I can invite people to for brainstorming sessions.

When I look at what is ahead of me, I'm so excited. I'm also nervous and overwhelmed, but I know that once I get rolling, things will work out just fine.

I'll be recording several podcasts and get them ready to go before releasing them, that way I have backups on bad weeks. But I will definitely be on a good schedule.

So for some feedback, what do you think is a good time length for interviews of authors? What about the round table discussions? I have a lot planned already, but looking to see what amount of time you'd give to something like this. 

I would also like to bring in some editors and such, maybe get good tips and information from them. Possibly agents as well. We'll see how things go.

Thanks for being a part of my blog and giving feedback. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Project Information...

 My last post consisted of a list of sorts of upcoming projects. I figured the one I'm most excited about, I can give more details.

It'll be the Writing Podcast, name is yet to be determined. I had plans of reading a chapter at a time of a current story, but then those characters, AKA *DIVAS*, decided to turn the tides on me and now I have to go back and re-work things. Eventually, it will be a thing.

Everything else will be discussed. Things such as: 

Introduction: First episode, obviously, will be introducing myself, my writing, etc.

I'll discuss world building, character creation, plotting or pantsing, and things of that nature. After that, I have a list of things from Cancel Culture to benefits of a writing schedule, and book bannings.

Once a month, I will feature an author interview. Also once a month, I will have an open invitation to authors to discuss some of these topics as well in a roundtable discussion.

I will gladly take topic requests and interviews will be done first come, first served.

I know there are a lot of podcasts out there, and I know I'm going to have to learn a LOT of things. But this is something I have been passionate about for a long time.

I plan on having a channel on my Discord for authors to utilize and brainstorm, discuss things, etc. It'd be pretty fun to do an unplanned, unedited discussion with people, buuuut that might get a little crazy!

We'll have to stick to the format. *sighs*

I will be using my personal Twitter account for updates and scheduled posts. I may even get so bold as to record these sessions and put up on YouTube. We'll see. Ha!

You can private message me on Twitter and on Facebook. I will be setting up an email address specifically for this project for people to contact me.

What are your thoughts about podcasts? Leave me a comment! 

Monday, August 15, 2022

Upcoming Projects...

 I think I have a list a mile long of projects I want to do. All while looking for work again. Woohoo! Good times.

Okay, so one thing I will be doing is a podcast for writing. It will include the following:

Author Interviews. I'll be asking people to sign up in about a week or so. I have several things to complete before going on to this.

I'll also be inviting authors to a Writing Roundtable, where we'll be discussing, well, writing topics. I have several topics ready to go and will share them, again, when I'm ready to get going.

I'll also be reading my story, "Walk the Night" a chapter at a time on this podcast. Once it's complete, it will be published in book and e-book form.

That's one project and I'm happy to take topic suggestions. 

My second project is going to be another podcast, but nothing writing related. But I'll be sure to share once it gets going.

I also have crafting to do to prepare for a Christmas Bazaar in November. That's easy peasy, though. I can craft like no other!

I'm still editing "Blood of My Sisters" as well as continuing work on all my other WIPs.

If you're interested in the Writing Podcast, by all means, leave a comment, message me on Twitter or track me down using bloodhounds. There's so many ways to communicate. Drop me a message! I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful Monday and we'll see you soon!

Friday, July 22, 2022

A Bit Of A Teaser...

 Last week, and then on Monday, I was blogging about my world and some of the things in it. The folklore creatures, the supernatural creatures, etc.

Today, I'd like to share with you the overall premise of my world. The prologue of sorts.

Beginning of The Dagrún: 

As at the beginning of all things, the Dagrún appeared out of “thin air”. Meaning they came into existence much like everything else that is part of the “big bang” theory. The energy the Earth generates is more than enough to create anything; tangible or intangible. This energy is purely neutral until through thought, want or need, something is created. Many paranormal and supernatural beings came to be in this manner.  They were regarded as magical, mysterious creatures. Some, as monsters; even others, as gods.  

The name, Dagrún, came from Old Norse, meaning “secret” or “secret knowledge”. What their name was before that, no one recalls. As time continued and other religions sprang forth, these creatures, even human ones with minor magical powers, became monsters. All were considered pure evil, sent to destroy the humans at the whim of a “fallen angel”. They all became connected to Lucifer. Lucifer, (who had not emerged until after the Dagrún) had come into existence like the rest of them: out of need, fear and energy. 

The more humanity evolved, the further the Dagrún retreated into the shadows. Their stories became nothing more than pages in forgotten books and fireside stories to coerce young children to behave.  

As technology improves, their days of hiding in plain sight are coming to an end. The majority of the Dagrún have chosen to sequester themselves in warded pockets around the world. Others have taken to blending in as much as possible, influencing from within. 

So, there we have it. I hope you enjoyed this little bit!

Monday, July 18, 2022

Defining My Paranormal World...

 Like many authors out there, I want to tell you about my book. I want to gain interest in it, build a platform of readers and all that fun stuff.

I also want to talk about some of the things I have learned in all these years. I know I am not the only author out there who looks at past books and cringes.



All right, fine. First, let's start with NOT putting the cart before the horse.

I had someone open up my eyes a lot when I first got involved in a group that was going to put out some really cool material. Problem was, it was all backwards.

Like anyone else might, I defended what we were doing, didn't think the way we were going was particularly bad or wrong, just different. But it stuck with me.

First of all, there were several authors writing off of one world. I was in charge of finding those authors, getting their submissions, seeing if they were a good fit for the project.

*I* thought a lot of it was DAMN good. But when you are part of a creative team, everyone has to agree, blah, blah, blah. We had to hammer out details.

But what is it that we did wrong? Well, this would be a series of stories by different authors, written off the same world. Think of it as a group of writers for a television series. What is the first thing you have to have?

A Series Bible. Go look it up if you want, but it's basically just a trove of information about characters. Supernatural creatures and what they do. Where the story should begin and where it should go.

This is no small task, especially if you are a seriously impatient writer. Writers just want to get going, they don't want to have to deal with the small stuff unless they're serious plotters.

In my series bible, I have everything I need or even might need down the road. If I don't use something right now, doesn't mean I won't use it later. But I have descriptions of everything.

The one thing I had to put in there and now have to describe to my readers is the difference between a Book Witch and a Blood Witch.

In my world, a Book Witch is one who gets her magical ability from studying magical books. Grimoires, Book of Shadows, ancient texts and scrolls. Books handed down in the family, or gifted to the person, but not books you buy in Barnes and Noble. 

Book Witches also have to use their own blood in some of their spells, because magic just doesn't flow through their veins like a Blood Witch. It's a sort of personal sacrifice. However, it doesn't mean that a Book Witch can't learn other ways to be powerful and not have to carry a cache of supplies with them wherever they go.

Blood Witches, I think is a pretty accurate title already. Witches who are born into strong magical families and their gifts are inherited through the bloodline. They don't need to prick a finger, or spit into a bubbling cauldron. They manifest their spells from the magic in their veins.

Now, of course, any Blood Witch will turn their nose up at a Book Witch, as they feel far superior and that causes societal rifts, much like those with money and those without. But it is a rift that needs to be in place so that Book Witches can strive to be better, stronger and maybe overpower a Blood Witch. Who knows?

Out of everything that I write in this world, I think that is the only thing that needs better definition than I can describe in my books. However, I've been told that, no, I get my point across well. If anything, this post can serve as the answer to any heated debate that may arise. 

I wish. How awesome would that be?

Let me know what you think, in the comments below. Or, find me on Twitter: @MelMcC7 and let's discuss!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Looking At Folklore Creatures...

 All right, so I've been posting about my paranormal world building and giving out little details here and there. I have yet to get into some of these ancient folklore beings. Now, I can be a very paranoid writer, I like to hold my ideas close to the chest until I get my work put out there. So, I won't be telling anyone which ones I'm using.

I certainly won't stop you from integrating them into your work, by all means. We all have different views on these sorts of creatures and folklore. If I get something wrong, I fully expect to be corrected.

Without further ado, let's get into a few. If these inspire you to write about them, perfect! The more the merrier. Our stories and history, our cultures, should not be forgotten or erased.

So first of all, I'd like to start out with Shapeshifters and Animagus.

ANIMAGUS Animagus are shapeshifters who can shift into almost any animal form. The only known “side-effect” is through canine blood when an Animagus who can shift into any canine form sires a child, that child has a chance of becoming a Werewolf. Any other Animagus animal forms do not seem to have that ability. 

SHAPESHIFTERS - Shapeshifters are people who can shift into any other living organism shape, be it animal or human. They cannot take on the true shape of any other paranormal/supernatural creature or being. If they attempt to shift into a Werewolf form, there will always be something odd, like a missing tail, no fur, etc. Same with a Witch or Vampire, something about them will be off or missing.

Now, mind you, these are not the actual definitions. Please don't fill my comment section with nerd rage or anything. I wrote these as a way to differentiate the two and to give them faults and flaws so they're not perfect.

Most of my stories are about these beings hiding in plain sight, but with all of the technology today, it's getting more and more difficult. Humans, however, should be able to see unusual stuff, even more unusual than what they're looking at, which is why I add in the faults and flaws.

CADEJO - These dog-like creatures come from Central American folklore. There are black and white. The White Cadejo protects travelers on their nighttime journey, the Black Cadejo will just kill them.

So as with any type of being, you have your balance of good and bad. At least in this case of the Cadejo, you can actually tell what side they're on.

BTSAN - The Btsan are Tibetan sky spirits. They look like hunters riding red horses. Perhaps in this day and age, they might drive red cars or motorcycles. It would be interesting to see what people come up with.

HONGAEK – Korean for “Red Disaster”. A red cloud of fear and confusion that materializes at the scene of suicide, murder, catastrophic/fatal events that bring people bad luck. 

With everything going on in the world today, we don't need any more bad luck, but what can we do. How would you battle something like that?

All right, that's it for now. I hope maybe this sparks some ideas for you. Let me know what you like in the comments.

What creatures and beings are in your folklore? Did I get these right? Drop a comment or find me on Twitter @MelMcC7.