Monday, September 19, 2022

Expected Release Date For Podcast...

 Hey all! OMG am I excited about launching this writing podcast! I cannot begin to tell you. 

Well, I can. 

And I will.

I may even be more excited than him!

So my writing podcast will not only be audio, but I am going to brave the world and record myself doing the podcast. There will be lots of opportunity to see/hear it as it will be up on YouTube.

I will announce some things during the first episode, where you're kind of getting to know me. I'll BE HONEST! I tend to swear. A lot. But I am going to tone it down and maybe have my editor put in a suitable beep.

I am looking to launch October 5, 2022, barring there are no earth shattering shenanigans going on, or in my case, real life issues.

Now, with that being said and something DOES happen, well, I'll just release on Dia de los Muertos. The Day of the Dead. {Insert dramatic music and maniacal laughter} Ahem. I love the word Muertos.

I'll still be looking out for authors, editors, agents or voice actors who would like to be interviewed or join round table discussions via Discord. (Once a date is set, you will be invited.)

You now have several ways to get a hold of me to let me know:

Email me HERE.

Find me on Twitter, either my username MelMcC7 or with the hashtag #CaledoniaLass

You can leave a comment here on this page, I will see it.

Or you can just yell into the void and my demon minions will come chitter your name in my ear.

Please leave a comment or share this post. Link will be on Twitter!

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