About Me

I am a High Fantasy author. I'm a geek, I'm a gamer chick, and I'm fluent in sarcasm.

I began writing at the age of 19 when I also began playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. My love of fantasy began at an earlier age with the graphic novels, Elf Quest. Authors such as David Eddings, Melanie Rawn, Raymond E. Feist and a myriad of others have influenced me.

Later came Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan and more. I remember waiting anxiously for new books to come out and would grab them up when they became available. Sort of like picking up the newest X-Men comic book.

Did I read J. R. R. Tolkien when I was younger? No. I did not read any of Tolkien's work until the very first movie came out.

Don't judge.

I couldn't get into the books as a kid. I'm often asked how I could claim to be a fantasy writer if I never read Tolkien. Of course, this has changed. I own and have read every one of his books.

I live in Washington with my husband and cats. I work part-time, go to school and write/edit when I can. I play World of Warcraft, Ever Quest 2, and Guild Wars 2. I golf on my Wii. I own a Kindle, but still love to buy paperback books. I'll never completely get rid of the good old fashioned print books.

I am on Twitter as MLChesley, you can find me as Mel McWilliams-Chesley on FaceBook. (Not to be confused with my sister-in-law, Cheri Chesley) and I have an author page as M. L. Chesley
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Book Links:
Adversarius on Smashwords or Amazon

Heaven Sent (Short Paranormal Story) on Smashwords

Veritas (Coming soon to Smashwords

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Twitter: @MLChesley

Facebook Author Page: M. L. Chesley