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I am a fantasy author turned horror author. I'm a gamer chick, a geek, and proud of it.

I've had this blog for a very long time and forgot I had this page! Ha! Time to update.

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I'm not on Facebook much these days, but I do have a new E-MAIL where you can contact me directly.

My projects going on so far include:

A writing podcast called One Mel of a Podcast. The links on where to listen are below. Each new episode is released every Wednesday.

On my podcast, I do my Insecure Writers Support Group episode the first Wednesday of every month, I do author interviews, I go solo sometimes and always make sure I bring my Wookie with me! I will be doing author round table discussions, editor interviews and hopefully soon I will be doing agent interviews as well. If you would like to be a part of any of this, please, contact me with the links provided!

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Kindle Vella:

I have a few stories up on Kindle Vella, each releasing different days of the week so you can keep an eye out for them! Those links are here:

Blood of My Sisters new episodes released every Saturday.

Isla Black is the most powerful Book Witch in over a Century. The Coven has been alerted of her presence through Isla's magic, and bring her in for training as one of their own. Heinrich Ruppel is a rogue werewolf, hell bent on killing every Witch he comes across until The Coven steps in to stop him. Accidentally propelled through a portal, Isla and Heinrich are now on their own, in a strange version of their world.

Walk the Night new episodes released every Monday.

Brielle is a young, runaway Book Witch. Trying to survive on the streets by selling her hexes and potions to sex workers and locals, she's managed to keep a roof over her head. A dirty, disgusting motel roof, but it's a place to crash and mix her wares and pen her spells. One night, Brielle learns from her fellow Dagrun friend, Everleigh, that someone is looking for her. Brielle isn't concerned until Everleigh disappears. Now Brielle is caught between finding Everleigh and staying hidden.

Constance Evanstar's Midnight Carnival new epidsodes released every Friday.

A bizarre phenomenon has swept the country. Strange calls are coming in through 9-1-1 services about clown sightings. In Ohio, one young girl has been abducted and Officer Baker is convinced the odd events are connected. But how to prove it? Isla Black sees the strange occurrences on the news and a memory bubbles up to the surface. She recalls a similar situation centuries earlier. Perhaps it's time to dust off one of her journals and get to the bottom of things.

Nowhere, Arizona (coming soon)

I am also doing e-book formatting for $20. (Email me for services.) And simple book covers for $20 as long as you have paid for the stock photos.

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You can also contact me with Q & A for my podcast as everyone gets to know me and of course, I get to know everyone. Thanks for hanging around for so long!