Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Book Review: Beast Hunters, Book Two: Dark Sovreign

 Boy, for those of you who read book one, hand on tight! Book two is going to take you on a fun ride!

What it's about:

A mysterious corpse, beastly assassins, and a basement full of cadavers dissolving in acid lead the beast hunters towards an enigmatic candidate, favourite to claim the throne of Ashbourn.

Despite not wanting to get involved in the coming coronation, Ara and the two beast hunters cannot deny the beastly nature of the clues they discover. Ara must adopt fake personas, infiltrate political galas, and pursue shadowy assassins. Still, the candidate’s monstrous nature eludes her. With the future of Ashbourn at stake, Ara has to solve the mystery before the new king is crowned.

Strangely, Ara’s abilities from Cornstead seem connected with the incidents that transpire during their investigation. Whispers in her mind foretell of sinister events, which she slowly sees come to life. The venom that grants her powers, seems to intertwine her fate with the dark creature threatening to be crowned king.

The second book in The Beast Hunter of Ashbourn series, Dark Sovereign offers a grand conspiracy, building on the events from the first book. Can Ara escape her connection to the ominous entity manipulating the Capital?

My thoughts:

All right, so we still have our favorite Beast Hunters: Ara, Khendric and Topper. But we get introduced to quite a few more characters and one insane mystery! Christer Lende kept me guessing as to what was going on. Shapeshifter? Doppleganger? Vampire!? Nope, nope and NOPE.

You'll have to read it to find out! I have to say, one event in book one shocked me and I got so mad! I can't tell you, it'd be a spoiler! But things worked out. I wonder if you can guess.

In Book Two, I had a lot more shocks, none to get mad about, but boy! I honestly did not see those things coming, so. Just read it to find out and then we can share notes or something.

This second book is definitely a bit of a wild ride, head scratcher, breath taker kind of story and I love it. It's been a very long time since I was able to read a book that kept me guessing. I've read three now, in the past few months, so that's awesome! Two of those books are the Beast Hunters books.

My Rating:

Totally giving this 4.5 skull and crossbones out of 5! A must read, especially if you've read book one!

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I LOVE the Skull and Crossbones rating system! 💖