Monday, December 20, 2021

Motivation Monday...

 It's Monday and we all need motivation to get through the week once in a while. I need to be motivated.

It's the Monday before Christmas and I do want to wish you all a happy holiday! I know many who are either alone or don't celebrate, and that's quite all right. But be safe, because of those who do celebrate. A bit too much.

Okay, motivate, motivate...

Something my sister-in-law, aka my bestest friend in the whole wide world, told me when we were both overwhelmed.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

No, I'm not eating a real elephant.

However, I do have to look at the big picture of things, all the projects I have going on and just take things a little bit at a time. It's not a race, not a competition. Mainly it's writing, doing crafts and making sure my house is clean.

I try to figure out what I'm in the mood for, for the day, then I attempt to break things down into manageable chunks. Take about an hour to work on a craft. If I feel like continuing, I do.

Take some time to write, either X amount of words or set a timer. I like to set a timer more than designate a word count goal. Sometimes a word count goal freaks me out if it isn't for NaNoWriMo. I don't know why, lol!

My housecleaning is viewed in the same capacity. I have two bathrooms to clean, so one day, it's sinks, next is toilets. Then just keep doing what I need to do until it is done. Laundry, a load a day if needed. Things of that nature.

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed, just stop, take a deep breath and take one bite at a time. You'll get there if the pace is slow and steady or fast and crazy.

Good luck!

How do you manage time? What motivates you to keep going? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Musings Part of This Blog...

 It's been a while since I've posted. So let me update:

Didn't win NaNoWriMo, but it's okay. The fact I even entered this year is what counts. I have yet to continue with the story just because things have been hectic.

Holidays ... well, Thanksgiving was good, now I just have to get through Christmas and the New Year. I've been waiting on my dentures for almost a year now and it's getting closer to the finish line. I'm excited, I can't wait!

Here is where I need to rant a little. Several days ago, went to go "big shopping" AKA out of town shopping for groceries and Christmas items. We, as in myself and my sister-in-law, had to drive through a mountain pass that was getting snowy and a little slick.

We came upon a vehicle flipped over. As we were stopping to see if we could help, another car came from the opposite direction and JUST KEPT GOING.

This was a very recent crash as there was smoke coming from the engine, and there were other signs. So while my SIL called 911, I went to see if I could see anyone in the vehicle. While we were doing this, a snow plow driver came by, and he continued on, but came back to say he had called it in and he stayed with us, but didn't want to go near the car.


The car had gone off the road, hit a tree, flipped up to crush the roof and then rolled. One person was in the vehicle and trapped. The way the vehicle hit, the driver was pinned by the steering wheel and roof. The person was conscious enough to tell me their name, begged for help. I told them help was on the way.

Help took 40 minutes to arrive and five minutes prior to their arrival, the driver passed away.

All I and my SIL could do was hold their hand so they weren't alone. My SIL prayed over them and when I went to hold their hand, it was cooler than before and I checked twice for a pulse and found none.

What bothers me are two things: That no one else stopped. (And there were several more vehicles that came by and reported it, we were told) The other thing, that it took 40 MINUTES for someone to show! We were 1 MILE outside of our county and into another and apparently, this was a sore point as both counties BICKERED OVER WHO WOULD BE DISPATCHED! Someone was dispatched 30 MINUTES AFTER we called. (Insert expletives here.)

And when authorities did arrive, one of the troopers came walking up with a goofy smile and said, "How's it going?" My SIL informed him of the pinned driver and that's when the smile left and he figured he needed his gloves.


This is the second accident on remote roads we have come across. First one where the victim died. It took me several days to get over it. But I still think about it, it's going to stick with me for a long time.

I understand not everyone has the capacity to stop and help. I do. I get it. But no one stopped to see if we needed help, if we were all right, whatever. But the biggest irritation is the authorities. I just don't understand how they could know someone was pinned, fighting for their life and they're over there arguing about which county gets dispatched.

Okay, my rant is done. I am sad about the situation, I feel for the family and have spoken to them. Nothing more to do, now.

Thank you all for letting me vent on my blog. I needed to write it down, but have been putting it off. I've debated putting it online at all, but I don't know. I'm just... I just don't get it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

IWSG Blog Hop...

 It's the first Wednesday of the month and that means you better have your Christmas shopping almost done!

Just kidding.

It means that it's Insecure Writer's Support Group day! Woohoo!

Man, I have missed this. There are days I just need that support group to listen to me whine. A lot.

This month's question is...

In your writing, what stresses you the most? What delights you?

Hmm... stress comes, for me, from not being able to get past a scene block. I got caught up on such a block during NaNoWriMo.

The thing is, the scene would direct where the story would go after that. Yes, I do try to be a Plotter, but end up being a Pantser more often than not. So, if I cannot plot my way through it, or pants my way through, I get stuck. And that stresses me and the voices come in and call me an imposter, that I'm not a true writer, things of that nature and it becomes stressful.

I don't listen to those voices, not anymore. It happens and I do try to write every single day. Sometimes, it just doesn't seem to go that way.

But what delights me?

Oooh my characters delight me. When I hit that roll and can't stop writing, that delights me. Seeing the story unfold in my mind, that delights me and gives me hope. The ideas I can come up with, that delights me as well. Honestly, I have more positives about writing than negatives and I could go on for hours. However, this is a blog hop day and you better believe there are more writers out there who need support! So go forth, my fearless follower and read on!