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Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror: Author Interview ~ W. Freedreamer Tinkanesh

Greetings and welcome to another author interview for the Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror! (LGoH) Today's author is Walki Freedreamer Tinkanesh. Answers will be in purple!

Is it your first year participating in the LGoH?

It is the third time. In 2014 I contributed several stories and poems. It included three stories not available anywhere else: ‘Alive or Dead’, ‘The Blood of an Enemy’ and ‘Michaela’. In 2016 I contributed the art work for the book covers. It was fun. Being part of this project is always fun. This is why I am one of the many recidivists begging to contribute again and again to this unique anthology.

If so, tell us what drew you to this anthology.

In 2008 my friend Jane Timm Baxter contributed to the anthology. This is how I found out about it. I immediately liked the concept: as many women as men are featured, it is as much about the writer as it is about their writings, all proceeds go to a charity. As a reader, I discovered some wonderful gems like ‘I Am Morte’ by Elyse Draper.
I like the diversity of genres and styles this anthology offers to the world every year.

If you’ve written for previous LGoH anthologies, list the story titles and years.

Stories: ‘Control’, ‘Alive or Dead’, ‘Michaela’, ‘The Blood of an Enemy’.
Poems: ‘Clad in Black’, ‘Maybe It Is Time’, ‘Spiky Choker’.

What is your preferred genre?

I haven’t got a preferred genre, be it to read or write. I consider myself a speculative writer.

What other titles to do you have published?

In spring 2012 I published a novel entitled ‘Outsider’. The punch line could be: “Vampires and lesbians enjoying rock music in London.”
In 2014 I published ‘Tales for the 21st Century’, a collection of diverse short stories.
I meant to publish a fantasy volume in 2016, but I decided it needed one more story.
I also contributed to a few other anthologies: ‘Write Now, ‘Threads’, ‘Out Is the Word by The Word Is Out’, ‘Eclectica – the World of Shadows’, No One Makes It Out Alive: an end of the world anthology’, ‘Blessings from the Darkness’.

Where do you get your ideas from?

The Universe, Life, Death, Dreams, conversations with my cats (well, just one now, the 17-year-old died last spring), conversations with trees, conversations with rivers. I need to get out more.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Writers write with blood, sweat and tears.

Do you write for yourself or your audience?

Both. I write stories I would like to read. I’d love to have written ‘Monster Stalker’ (a scifi/fantasy/horror/etc novel by Elizabeth Watasin) or ‘Stoner McTavish’ (a detective story by Sarah Dreher).

What other authors are you friends with and how do they help you become a better writer?

Jane Timm Baxter, Elyse Draper, SW Fairbrother, Jennifer L. Miller are on the top of the list because they’ve done some editing for me or some beta reading. They drove me to make some of my stories better, or reconsider them to get them back on track. They encourage me to keep on writing.

What was the hardest scene to write?

The middle one. Starting a story and finishing it are relatively easy. It’s like a sandwich. What stuffing do you want? What stuffing do you have? Some days are thin and bland. Others are rich and tasty.

Do you google yourself?

It takes too long. I have many names…….

Do you have any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

A few people think I do and they think they know what they are and what they mean. In truth, maybe my secrets are too secret to be found by anyone but myself, but I’m not even sure I could figure out their meanings. I am a very reserved person. This said, without experiencing life, I wouldn’t be able to write. And while I use my experience of life to write, I only use it at a starting point. Besides, I’m a speculative writer.

Do you have any little known facts you’d care to reveal to us now?

I prefer banana smoothie to coffee. I used to drink coffee while painting, and now I opt for herbal tea while writing. I don’t know what happened to chocolate…. I like spinach in my smoothie. Nowadays I prefer sticky rice first thing in the morning and banana smoothie for dinner. I have weird taste buds.


Walki, thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview! And yes, we do write with blood, sweat and tears. Also, sorry to hear about your cat. :(

If you'd like to connect with W. Freedreamer Tinkanesh, see the links below.

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Hope you have a great rest of your week, everyone! See you soon with more interviews!

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