Friday, November 13, 2009

My corner of heaven.

I know I was going to use this blog for writings and the like, but this seemed to good to pass up. I went for a walk outside today. The snow fell during the night leaving a pristine blanket of about two inches. If this isn't descriptive writing to capture a memory, then I don't know what is.

The clouds are high up and seem to move fast. The sun was filtering down through them over the bay as if I were looking at a heavenly post card. It would read, "Thinking of you, but do not wish you were here. At least not yet. Enjoy the beauty of it."
The water is slate gray, except where the light is caught in the waves. The water is calm and peaceful looking, I wish I had a ship, I could sail on forever.
The wind is blowing slightly and down the road a bit is a stand of pines. I watched them sway, the snow blowing off of them like powder. The sound of the wind through the trees reminded me that I was not alone out there.
As I walked back to the house, the sun glittered on the snow, playing tricks on my eyes. It seemed as if fairies were dancing at my feet as the snow kicked up around me.
This is my little corner of heaven and I am not about to give it up yet.

At the very least, it left me feeling as if I were in a meditative state. I need to remember feeling like this when I get tired of the snow, of winter dragging on and on. I get impatient to see the sun and grass.

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