Thursday, January 28, 2010

Character Profile #1 (Caution: Long!)

I don't know why, exactly, but I have an inclination to share my characters here in a little more depth. I follow my instincts, not to mention I absolutely love my characters. Not enough to keep them alive for very long, however. I do know they are mortal and one day, they too will die. If you write, you'll understand.

So I thought since I posted a little excerpt last night about Alabassin that perhaps I might as well start with him.

Name: Alabassin Li'endrin (Pronounced Al a bass inn Lee end rin)
Location: Currently in the rival kingdom of Paridzule, native of Relavia, heir to the Relavian throne.
Father: Mandorak Li'endrin (Man door ack)
Mother: Liriel, cousin to Nive Ni'adzul, Queen of Paridzule. (Deceased) (Liriel - Leer e el) (Nive - Nee vay, Ni'adzul - Nee add zool)

Alabassin is an only child. After he was born, his father wanted no contention for the throne and made sure no other children were born.
The Li'endrin bloodline is said to be cursed, as each ruler has gotten worse in their ways of warmongering, deceit and temper. From all of this, Alabassin has emerged unlike his father in every aspect and bears no characteristic resemblance to any of his ancestors. While his father, Mandorak, feels that Alabassin is unsuitable to rule, he has left himself with no other alternative.

Alabassin is currently 23 years old. He has blonde hair and green eyes. He keeps his hair long, neatly tied back from his face and he's clean shaven. People say he resembles his mother the most. The people of Relavia have been looking forward to his ascending the throne, as they feel he would be most likely to end the war between Relavia and Paridzule. While Nobles from all around have tried unsuccessfully to arrange relations with Relavia through marriage, Alabassin has managed to turn them all down. Unlike his father, he has the idea in his head to marry for love, not politics.

Up until Alabassin turned 20, he felt he would be successful in his notion of finding true love. By 21, his hopes were tarnished ever so slightly. By 23, however, one man had managed to persuade him into an arrangement. Beroun Ni'adzul, King of Paridzule, invited Alabassin to visit. Mandorak was told by his naive son that he would be traveling about, visiting several neighboring kingdoms upon request. Mandorak knew full well where his only son and heir was going, but never let on.

The day Alabassin arrived in Ferrigore, the capital city of Paridzule, people were quiet and withdrawn. News of his visit spread quickly as Ferrigore was a small island. While Alabassin's reputation was a good one, he was still a Li'endrin and a possible threat. The people of Paridzule were still unsure of the arrangement their king desired to make. Alabassin let none of this phase him. He remained the personable, pleasant man he always was. When introduced to Senweis Ni'adzul, Beroun's eldest daughter, he was ashamed to feel nothing for the woman. While Senweis was a beautiful woman, he felt cold around her. It unsettled him, yet he remained firm in his promise of talks with Beroun about the arrangement. He kept his promises and people respected him for that.

Needless to say, when Alabassin first met Kayta, Senweis' younger sister, he felt a connection with her. Just as he began to lose hope of feeling something like this, she stepped into his life. What bothered him most was the fact that Kayta was the sister of the woman he may be marrying. He didn't know if his heart was strong enough to marry one and feel for the other what he was supposed to feel for his wife. Where Senweis was closer to him in age, Kayta was younger by five years. Most felt that a difference in age such as this would be unacceptable. If Alabassin were to make a choice, which would he follow? His kingdom or his heart?
*Other pronunciations:
Relavia - Reh la vee uh
Paridzule - Pare id zool
Ferrigore - Fare eh gore
Senweis - Sen ways
Kayta - Kay tah
Beroun - Bare oon

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