Friday, February 19, 2010


If I don't take the time to brag about my kids once in awhile, I am not doing my job. :D
Honestly, I have good kids and I know it. I've been told many times, so it isn't just me bragging about them. Well, mostly.
My daughter has turned into a phenomenal song-writer/musician. I can't pinpoint her talents just to guitar, as she's played the piano and has a desire to learn the violin. The most impressive of all of this is she's unable to read music. She'll be heading to the studio tomorrow with her friend to record her first song, compliments of her uncle.

My son, who now towers over his mother, sister and more than likely his father, has turned into a really good artist. I wish I could brag lots more about him, that I have seen his work, however he lives with his father in Arizona. He is enjoying being the big brother of his three half-siblings. However, I have to go on faith that he's as talented as I've heard. I really don't doubt his skills any more than his sister's. While pregnant with my son, I was in school taking Advertising Art. I did my best work while he was snuggled in my womb.

The same can be said for my daughter, to a degree. I listened to music a lot while pregnant with her. I've told the best part of this story over on the Mommy Blog. (

I think my kids are living proof that children respond to things in the womb. I cannot wait until I get a copy of her song on CD to send out to people. While she's in the studio, I think I will seek out some art supplies to send off to my son for his birthday present.

I know, I know, what does this have to do with writing? Not a whole heck of a lot! Actually, my mother is such an avid reader (the woman can read dozens of books a week) that perhaps I am her proof. I love to write, I love to read. I'm happiest when I am creating on that front, but art takes place as my second true love. (Not including family here, lol!) No idea where the art talent came from. My sister and I possess that gene. However, the other thing that this blog has to do with writing is the fact that my kids inspire me. Always have. I would do anything for them and I learn from them constantly. My daughter breathes, eats and sleeps music. I'm the same with writing. However, I do not have the luxury of all the free time she gets to spend playing. Someday. Soon, I hope.

Currently I am in a sort of limbo with my writing. Drafting and editing. Two very different hats, yet I know the drafting aspect is the easiest of the two. I like easy. I am not afraid of editing ... sometimes. I'm more aware of what I write now. My blogs ... well, I just write to have fun on the blogs. If my grammar or sentence structure is wonky, I really don't care. It's my voice, my humor and the relaxed side of myself. Yeah, I certainly know how to kick back.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and we'll see you all on Monday!

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