Thursday, March 25, 2010


There are several creatures that came up in the creation process that are focused in one area. There is a 100 mile radius that was damaged in an explosion, the destruction of the Mahjii city of Argisindya. In this radius, nothing survived, not even vegetation and it cannot regrow. In the outskirts of this radius, another 15 to 25 miles, magic went "mad", as the locals say. Some creatures as well as inhabitants of the area were transformed while the rest were killed.

In this area lives the Belching Scurvy Knave. This is a hideous looking blue bird with an orange beak. He struts around proudly as if he is a peacock and his mating call sounds like a belch, followed by "Ooh!". This creature was the invention of a friend of mine named Vinnie.

Vinnie had one other creature invention: Fig Bears. Tiny little black bears that absolutely love the juice of berries rather than honey. The only drawback is when they are scared they belch fire. They do fit in the palm of your hand, however and a joke emerged to use them as little furry hand grenades! Yes, yes, animal cruelty did enter our minds but these are fictional creatures. What can I say?

Also within this area where magic went mad are Morigwaiths. They are shadow wraiths of a sort. These were once people, who were going about their daily business when Argisindya was destroyed. The blast hit them so hard it knocked their souls into their shadows as they stood in sunlight. Now they search for someone to take over, so if a traveler comes along to take a nap and falls into shadow, the Morigwaiths will attempt to take over their bodies.

Sort of creepy, but kind of cool. :D Had to throw some dark, scary creatures in there. Next, my favorite of fantasy folk: Elves! And not the kind that work for Santa.


Unknown said...

Wow, that sounds like a combination of Chernobyl and Pompeii. If you need some images to inspire you, check out this site about a person who takes a motorcyle ride through the Chernobyl area. Very bleak and scary.

Mel Chesley said...

Thanks Mary! I will check that out. :D