Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Loving the Library Blogs...

I love libraries. I love the revered hush as you step into one, the smell of the books. Yes, even the smell of the books. I'm weird, but you should have figured this out by now. Right?


I'm loving the blogs that love the libraries. I really wish I had thought of donating a dollar for every comment I got. Like over at Taffy's Candy or over at Jennifer Hubbard's blog. Christine Bryant posted about it as well, here.

I've done some volunteering at the small library here in Homer, Alaska. Personal things made me stop, but I still like to help and support the library. When I first moved here I had some strong goals. I had joined up with a friend of mine from Publish America and together we formed Word Weavers. I contacted every author I knew through WW and asked them to donate books to me. I stopped, due to my issues with Publish America. I felt a little ashamed.

At any rate, I did donate a huge amount of books for them to sell. They have a bi-annual book and plant sale. I also hosted a few young adult writing groups. I enjoyed it a lot. I also tried to start up a Dungeons and Dragons event, but could not garner enough time for it. I had lots of interest though!

Libraries, to me, are a sanctuary. I adore them, but find that I don't utilize them as often as I should simply because I tend to forget to return the books. (Insert look of shame here.) I'm the same with rented videos, so thank goodness for Netflix and no late fee charges. Heh! I'm in love with books. So of course I want to horde them. I go buy them instead, so I don't rack up thousand dollar late fees at the library. (Okay, so I would never hit the thousand dollar mark, but I could!)

I want to carry out mine and Cheri's plan with our blog followers. We've got goodies stacking up while we wait to hit the magic number of 100 followers each. You can follow hers here. She has a book coming out later this year called "The Peasant Queen". It is a YA fantasy/romance and I'm itching for a copy of it to be in my hot little hands! I'm so excited for her. I want to throw her a super huge blog give away when it comes out. So maybe we'll tack on some funds for the libraries in between now and then. However, I need your help! Can't do it til we finish our first initial plans and that means getting to 100 followers *each*. Follow mine and follow hers. Link, post, we'll give you chances to earn extra entries! We want people to win fun, silly stuff. Especially now, in this economy and drab times. (I promise I will not go into a political rant...at least not here!) We need a little fun to Spring Into Reading! So go on... follow us!


Unknown said...

I love libraries too...only I have fines at the local ones. *hangs head*. I'll pay them, just kind of embarrassing. lol. When I pay off my fines, I then go back and we get books almost every week. It's just when that routine is messed up, then I get behind.

Our library is pretty good and I live in Ray Bradbury's hometown, so about once a year, he shows up and gives a talk.

Mel Chesley said...

Oooh! Ray Bradbury, how awesome! And yes, I do good for awhile and then realize I forgot to drop off my books. Then I sort of sneak in, drop them off and pay fines when I'm able.
You are not alone. :D

Debbie Barr said...

Librarires truly are wonderful. I just got hired by my University's library this week in the Juvenile section. I couldn't be happier about it. Especially because I paid, in part, for reading books and reviewing them. Pure. Awesome.

Jessica Bell said...

I am so jealous about the library. I used to spend so much time in the library when I lived in Australia. Can you believe they don't have one in Athens? I don't believe they have them anywhere in Greece, actually. My library is Amazon, unfortunately, as there is only one place where they sell English books and they're all just bestsellers. Sometimes I really want to get stuck into a good classic, or a novel by a newbie. Ah ... memories of libraries ...