Sunday, March 7, 2010


Wow, I really have to try and stop starting my blogs with "So..." Funny, I talk that way too. :D

Anyway, (let's try that shall we?) I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday. She and I were talking about music. I caught up with a friend of mine on FaceBook and we got to talking. He plays bass guitar in a band and sent me to the MySpace Music page. (I'll be giving you all the link here shortly) In return, I sent him to my daughter's YouTube page.

My kid is pretty musically inclined. I cannot wait to share her song she's been working on with a friend and had recorded in a studio. We got on the subject of being a non-competitive player in our "industries". Don't we sound intellectual?

Writing is a competitive field. So is music and I'm sure movies and the like. I told her, there is a way to promote yourself and not be overly competitive at the same time. Promote others. She recently spoke to a girl at her school who is apparently a pretty awesome photographer. She commented on my daughter's "style" and asked to hang out with her, show her some things and in return, this girl would show her things as well. The girl mentioned something about trying to get over her competitiveness.

I will promote anyone who wants it. While I am far from being a mind reader, if you ask me outright to help, I'm your girl.

With that being said, I'm going to link my friends MySpace Music page at the end of this post. Mind you... I listen to lots of different music. I don't have a specific genre, if it has a good beat and inspires me somehow, stirs something within, I like it. I like anything from Bach to Insane Clown Posse (although I have to be in the mood for ICP more often lately... I must be getting old!). Don't hold my musical tastes against me. :D I certainly won't send you off to a site, though, that has explicit lyrics. **Please note, there are some graphics on the site that might offend.** These guys are really, really good. If you happen to like their music style, please tell your friends. If you have teenagers, let them listen, so they can tell their friends. :D Of course, that call has to filter on down through the parents.

So, as promised, the link: PKA Band

Again, anyone who would like me to promote something here, just ask. I won't know til you ask. Hope you enjoy the music. By the way, thanks Travis!!! :D

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