Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Wanna Give Stuff Away!

I had some technical difficulties with my internet yesterday. For whatever reason, it decided to let just one person on at a time. The problem was either my modem or router. Still don't know which...

I digress. As usual. I do that a lot, don't I? Of course I do, I wouldn't be me if I didn't get sidetracked on some tangent that has nothing to do with the original title of this post...

Did it again, didn't I?

OK! This time I stick to the topic. We wanna give some stuff away, baby! We does not mean I have a mouse in my pocket. It does mean me and my sister in law, Cheri. (Look, I spelled it right this time)

Cheri and I are wanting to (Sorry, got sidetracked by "Friends") give some prizes away, but we don't want to have our drawing until we each reach 100 followers. This will include FaceBook followers, the ones you see below the other followers, you know? Okay, cool, I didn't want to have to explain further. Hehehe... just kidding. Anyway, as soon as the two of us reach 100 followers each, we're going to have a drawing. But I won't tell you the prizes yet. That's for another post. Have to keep you all reading somehow, don't I?

So pass this around, tell your friends, we'll tell our friends and we'll keep networking like we do. We're good at that. And as soon as we reach that magic number, we'll be sure to let you know!


Charity Bradford said...

:) Nice to meet you. I hope we can be friends since my wip has fantasy elements and I'm not as comfortable with them as the sci-fi parts.

Would you be interested in consulting if needed? The story is complete, but I'd love to get an opinion on certain magical elements.


Mel Chesley said...

Can I just say... YES! I would love that. XD No, not excited over here. lol! Great to meet you as well, thanks for dropping by!