Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Website Wednesday:

All right, it is that time of the week again. Sorry, half the day is gone for me. I stay up so late, I get a late start. In retrospect, I should have posted this last night with the other.

Anyway... I want to share some blogs I've been following. Yes, blogs are just informational little websites chock full of fun! Eh, we can agree to disagree. At the end I will post an actual website. :D

I have lots of blogs I follow. There is one out there that I think can help any writer, new to the craft or an old hand. Elana's blog. She's got a great book out called "From the Query to the Call". I have recently purchased it. She's also very good at making you send out said queries. Her post today, I felt she truly was pointing her finger at me to get a move on! I swear, I will!

Annette Lyon is yet another lady with a helpful blog for writers. Easy to understand help with grammar, punctuation and her Word Nerd Wednesdays are to die for. She's got an incredible talent and an incredible wit.

There are others that I follow. My sister-in-law's blog of course. She has one where she does book reviews and a Mommy Blog as well. (She's the mother of five and still finds time to write! C. Michelle Jeffries has 6 children! These women are amazing, I tell ya!)

Some of the blogs I read are for fun and I like to leave comments. But not all the time. I do love Melissa Cunningham's blog. She's got a crazy sense of humor like me and I can't wait to meet this woman someday.

For the most part, everyone shares their trials and tribulations in their blogs. Their writing, their home life and the sort. Writers are not to be glamorized. We all sort of live like little hermits while we write. It is a challenge for some to go out into the world and mingle with normal people. We share our rejections, pull ourselves up with our bootstraps and soldier on. We literally put our blood, sweat and tears into our work. Okay, maybe not literally with the blood... ew! Unless of course, you get cut by your keyboard...

Last week I steered you over to Absolute Write's site. Make sure you do your research with them. Make sure you check out the Preditors & Editors. (There is a site for the P&E list)

This week, I think I will send you over to Creative Writing Prompts. Their site has dozens upon dozens of ... you guessed it! Writing prompts! Might help kick start that Muse who's been sleeping under your chair. Don't forget to hand her a towel for the puddle of drool she's left behind.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it! Have any website suggestions? Feel free to pass them on!

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