Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Website Wednesday:

I almost forgot I had planned to do a Website Wednesday blog. See? I knew I'd practically forget! However, I happened to be sitting here, reading the current blogs I follow and said, "Gah! It's Wednesday! What am I going to feature??"

Happily enough, I had the answer already opened up in a tab.

I love the magazine Real Simple. It is full of yummy recipes, quick household solutions, de-cluttering gadgets under $10 with the websites as well! So what did I stumble across this time? Well, I like wine. Not whine... wine. :D

I found this website inside the magazine: Red Truck Wines I wish I could call myself a wine connoisseur, but I am far from that. I do know what I like, what I can do without. I absolutely adore the cute mini cask on this website and would order one just to have the barrel. I'm weird that way. My husband likes wooden boxes of all varieties, I like cute little things. Different things.

I know a lot of people don't drink much anymore, but a good half glass of a red wine is good for you. One a day, one a week, just don't overdo it. I'm not trying to promote drinking or even alcoholism. Drink in moderation, don't drink and drive EVER! However, even if you don't drink but know someone who would appreciate the gift, check out the website.

I promise I will try to have next week's post better planned!

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