Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Website Wednesday...

I think I will be a little selfish here. I would like to send you to my website today.

I have lots going on there and do post some of the blogs from here over there. I've been really bad about that lately, though. I have my maps, my characters, my Pantheon of gods and goddesses. I even have my credits, because building this world took more than just myself.

I'd like you to look around, see if things look good. Tell me what can be dropped. I have fun little gadgets there such as a clock, the weather here in Homer, Alaska and even a little Tarot card widget. Might get rid of that, though.

Oh and my artwork. I have drawn up a few characters but have yet to color them and add a background.

Eventually, I will have a little "library" in there. Something with stories and folklore of the world and things like that. Short stories of the characters that you may not (or maybe you will) see in a published book. I'd appreciate any feedback.

I'm also looking for website suggestions. If you have any I should check out (this includes blogs) by all means, drop me a note! I'd like to see what is out there.


Jessica Bell said...

how do I get to it? I clicked the link in your profile but it doesn't work :(


I can't get to your website either,
I know some people are having Internet problems but will certainly try again.


Mel Chesley said...

Aha... since I changed how my dashboard was set up, the link disappeared. I have set it back up.
Thanks for the heads up, I would not have noticed!

Kimberly Franklin said...

Going to visit your site now! :)

Unknown said...

I will definitely have to check it out. Yay.

B. Miller said...

Definitely would like to check this out but I found the link didn't work for me either! I'll try it again in the morning.

Good to meet a fellow RPG'er. :)