Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Letter F...

Now, now, don't let your mind wander off too much into the gutter! We know there are plenty of F words out there.

My choice? Do you really have to ask?

Fantasy of course!!

Really. You should know better. :D

So fantasy... I'm getting over being a fantasy author. As in when I tell people I write Fantasy and get that look of pity. I shake my head and chuckle, they tilt their head and say, "What's so funny?"

"You." I reply.

Another look of puzzlement. "Why do you look at me that way when I say I write Fantasy?"

"Well, because when I think of Fantasy, I think of those people playing that Dungeon game."

Yeah, I thought so. I have gotten to the point where I enlighten them now. I tell them what I have done with my world, the creatures and characters. By the time I'm done, I've left the majority of them breathless and eager to read what I've written or I get a second look of pity.

I ignore that second look and just tell them don't knock it 'til they've tried it. Half the time they spout off some odd book they apparently read. I respond with better fantasy titles and ask them to give it one more shot. That usually works.

Not everyone likes fantasy though. Most people have the mindset that if it is fantasy it will be filled with weird creatures and hard to pronounce names that they would rather not deal with. Oh. Heh. Yeah, I try to help with those names and titles. :D I have my own little page on my website to help with pronunciation.


So why do you like or dislike fantasy as a genre? Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings. My skin has gotten thicker over the years.

Okay favorite musical group beginning with F... Fabulous Thunderbirds. Fave movie? Fearless with Jet Li. Woot!


Unknown said...

I'm not sure why fantasy doesn't appeal to me. However, I did read a military sci-fi/fantasy series last year, and can't wait to get the fourth. It's The Destroyermen by Taylor Anderson.

I posted my thoughts on fantasy authors on you sil's blog, but just know I think fantasy authors are amazing!


Lots of people live in a fantasy world, as long as they know reality when it comes knocking at the door. I loved your blog and was very interested reading it.
Look forward to "G".
Take care.

B. Miller said...

I do love me some fantasy. I'm a big ole geek so it's a second language to me (like Bocci is to C3P0, ha!) Since I was young I've loved scifi and fantasy. I get it from my mom.

Don't let the people who don't understand your genre get you down! There are a lot of people out there that love it, and love YOU, for writing it.

Talli Roland said...

I didn't know it was up for debate! Of course it's a genre. A great one, at that. Go fantasy!

Mel Chesley said...

Hehe! Well it's sort of funny that my sis in law and I posted on the same subject. Okay, maybe not funny. We tend to think a lot alike! So yeah, be prepared.

And it isn't exactly up for debate, but it's just funny how people react to fantasy authors. I used to get mad, now I just laugh. ;)

Ella said...

I think the names, odd to pronounce and sometimes. I have read a few
some were good, others I couldn't get into to. It was like I had to remember too much at once. Odd name of place, 5 new characters all at once, with names hard to remember, causing confusion. If the pace was different, I think I would like fantasy better.

Unknown said...

I love fantasy!! In fact, today I was just working with one word, playing around with a language, and it suddenly hit me how abnormal it was. I mean, I cranked out a good 100 words for this language in a couple of hours. Not normal. And I love it. Not sure why, but I do.

Haha... I get those looks too. Either that or the look of confusion. "You do what? Why?"