Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

This might reach some of you late. It is early afternoon here and I have spent a good part of the day just relaxing.

I've been a busy girl this week. Sadly, not on the writing aspect of it like I would have liked. Alas, I've been doing some work. Now, I am not afraid of hard work. It just doesn't like me. I have to be careful with my wrists and hands. I've told most of you that I have had two surgeries on my left hand. They were to release tendons. Not Carpal Tunnel ones, either. Nope DeQueverain's and another, just to the right of it. I also have some arthritis in the joints of my thumbs. I lost muscle mass in my left hand after surgery so my thumb on that hand feels worse.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because it makes me think of my mom. I inherited quite a bit of her allergies and ailments. I'll be turning 40 this year... *Gasp!* yes I gave away my age. Better remember that, I'll never do it again. ;) But with the longevity on my mother's side of the family... I very well may live til I am 90 just like my Aunt Loretta. My mother is in her 70's and doesn't look a day over 50.

My parents divorced when I was a kid. My memories focus around her. When I was a teenager, I lied on my first job application and even though the manager could have gotten fired for it, he hired me on. From the time my parents got divorced, it was just me, my mom and my one brother. (I have two.) My brother was a teenager and lived his own teen life. So there were lots of times it felt like me and my mom against the world. After he moved out, it was just that. Mom had to spend time in the hospital for heart issues when I was a Junior in High School so I had to quit for a full semester and work to help pay the bills.

I did go back to High School. I graduated and got my diploma. It took me awhile, but I did it.

When I got married, it was a bit of a disaster. That's putting it mildly. I was both mother and father to my two children at the time. I divorced him and was a single mom. Met hubby #2, same disaster scenario, different guy.

#3 came along. I have found my "soul-mate". I know people who use that term lightly, but with my Larry it is quite accurate. We're two separate halves of a whole.

My mom never remarried. She's taken care of herself and me this whole time. I get her. My siblings don't. But they never went through the stuff she and I went through together. So they can go ahead and live their wonderful lives, blissful of what has passed over the many years. I appreciate her the most and I tell her all the time. I don't want to wait until it is too late. And you know what? She appreciates me as well. My mom rocks and I take it as the best compliment when people tell me, "You're just like your mother."

Good. Because I wouldn't want to be any other way. I love my mom.

And to all of you other moms out there, I hope you have the best Mother's Day. You work hard for it and deserve it.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, Mel. I'm sitting here with tears. I'm thrilled you have found happiness. It makes us stronger people when we have to deal with those tough things in life. Happy Mother's day. It's monday morning here so I was spoilt yesterday :o)) XX

Mel Chesley said...

Yes, if it wasn't for the things I went through, I wouldn't be the "fearless" person I am today. :D I'm glad you got spoilt! Moms deserve it.

Miriam Forster said...

Happy Mom's Day, Mel!


A wonderful post as always.