Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yes, I have had 4, count them FOUR days of sunshine! I wish I could keep counting, but in Alaska, the weather changes every five minutes. Go figure. However this is supposed to last until Thursday.

I'm stressing a little. Mostly about going to pick up my mom and son at the airport, but I'll get over that stress soon enough. They'll be here for 6 weeks. 6 weeks of which I will be packing, moving and settling in as well as fishing, camping and hopefully going on another whale watching tour. Oh yeah, I have to call that place. My mom asks EVERY time she calls. Hehe! I'm such a procrastinator. "I'll call, mom. I'll call just before you get here so I have a current price for tickets." ::Snorts:: My reasoning astounds even myself.

So I am also sitting here and giving myself a reasonable deadline to get LoBR
(Legend of Black Rose) done. By reasonable, I mean I am trying to factor in all sorts of things. First, moving, having company for 6 weeks. Chores, gardening, fishing, playing this summer and then working to get ready for winter. Possibly... POSSIBLY getting a ::gasp:: job. Yep, I might have something lined up that I don't exactly need to use my hands ALL the time. Which is well, bonus to me. Plus it's an on-call sort of thing.

So deadline, yeah, let's get back to that. Umm... I was thinking end of July, but now being a little more realistic and knowing just how much I CAN procrastinate... I'm thinking end of August. So I want LoBR done by the end of August so I can start sending out queries. Woot. I know, that was so energetic. I am not looking forward to the rejection, but I am looking forward to eventually becoming published and I can't do that without trying. Yeah, I'm going to sit here at my computer and blog all day about this cool story I've written and some agent is going to come along and ask to see a partial. ::Snorts and laughs:: Not.

So a deadline of August 31st. I estimate being done and onto querying. Again, flogging is optional if I fail to meet that deadline. Just... don't keelhaul me, okay? Painful.

Have a great week everyone!


Beth Zimmerman said...

Have a wonderful visit with your mom and the boy! Sounds like a crazy busy time in your little corner of paradise! :)


We here have had a few days of sunshine but the weather is forcasted to change in the next few days.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Give yourself a little extra time - you will be too busy the next six weeks. And that time should be spent with your son anyway.