Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Love Creating...

So my little blog prompt thingy popped up with this question: "What do you love to create?"

Wow. Loaded question! Of course I love to create fantasy stories, but it goes way beyond that. I love creating the plot line, the characters... all of it. Some people have issues creating characters, I don't. I can come up with a name off the top of my head in a heartbeat.

Stories are abundant in my little brain, too. I have all sorts of ideas and pages upon pages of these ideas. I sometimes don't know where to begin.

Characters are the best, though. Which leads me to dialogue. I can sit here and listen to my characters having conversations in my brain while the action plays out like a movie in my mind. There are times when I will sit here and get odd looks from my family while writing and realize I have been chatting up the dialogue out loud. I just look at them and say, "What?" Hehe... so fun.

Creating my world was more difficult, but still a fun challenge. I had to change the over all design of it, splitting the one large continent down the middle, removing some kingdoms, etc. But change is what makes it work, makes it better. Nothing is concrete as soon as you set it down on paper.

So what do you love to create, eh?


rebel_of_nowhere said...

My favorite part of creating is being able to do something that makes someone else want to create.

Writing, though, is the best form of creating; there are so many possiblities! Knowing that there's no limit to what you come up with is well worth all the frustration, especially when you finally say exactly what you mean to say in exactly the right way.


Most interesting, I write poetry because I can put all my joys in life......and sorrows on paper,
It relieves any stress I many have,


Al said...

I love creating tense situations and cliff-hangers.

Denise Covey Writer said...

I just love creating. I love to start with a sentence, then turn it into a story. I can find a sentence popping into my head anywhere, anytime, and I love the way it grows..:)

Jamie Gibbs said...

I love creating culture. Characters and dialogue are also fun, but my favourite part is creating a history and a cultural flavour that impacts the way someone thinks and acts. I love how a culture's history and their interactions with others shape their politics, their folklore and their general behaviour.

I'm a fantasy buff, so this kind of thing is fitting :P