Friday, November 5, 2010

Now Back To Your Regular Scheduled Program...

I'm sure I lit a few fires with my last post. Don't worry, I try hard not to post political stuff but once every blue moon. Or is that on a Harvest moon?

Eh. I forget.

At any rate, I am sad that I am not participating in NaNoWriMo. It is of my own choice, I know. But alas (yes, I said alas) it is for the best. Progress on the business proposal for my brother-in-law's invention is going well. Should be done with it here soon, then we'll have someone look it over, check our mistakes and such. Much like writing and editing, re-writing and editing even more. Only the end result won't be a book. I like being the one to punch in all the info and edit work as I go. Makes me feel like I am still writing something, even if it isn't my own work.

My actual job is going well, too. I love it. I have yet to say, "I don't want to go to work today..." and whine and sniffle about it. I just whine and sniffle about the snow and go into work anyway. It is fun. The kids are great and my co-workers and boss are the best.

Yes, I mentioned snow. We got a couple of inches during the night. It actually started to snow around dinnertime. Oh well, I do live in Alaska, after all.

I hope day 4/5 is going well for all of my fellow NaNo'ers. I am cheering you on and writing with you in spirit! Too bad business proposals don't count, I'd be well on my way to that 50K!

Have a great weekend everyone and write on!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pardon My Rant...

I don't usually post political blogs. I tend to stray far, far away from two topics. Politics and Religion.


Because, as someone once said, the two things in this world that should end wars are the two things that begin them. You cannot talk politics and religion in polite company without someone getting offended and a shouting match almost always ensues.

So why do I choose this moment to post a political rant? Because I just can't remain silent any longer.

America, you have spoken in this last vote. We, as a whole, are tired of the continued downward spiral that has become our nation. It is proven that the methods Obama and the Democrats have chosen to adopt are failing. Now... if you still like Obama, I mean no offense. But how can you look at the state of our nation and not feel a little sad by what has come about in the past two years. We have had presidents come and go, screw up our country as well as do their best to repair it, but to keep turning a deaf ear to the majority, well. That just is not how we Americans like to run things.

But this is not the overall point of my rant. The point of my rant, the one thing that saddens me the most about all of this is the fact that Obama has ruined most any chance of another African American making it to the presidency. Obama will go down in history as our "First Black President", yes, but at what cost to those who wish to follow? It will be an unfortunate side effect of his term. There are plenty of people out there, and it doesn't matter what race they are, that would love the chance and could possibly effectively run this country, but we Americans are of a breed that tend to run in single minded circles. This meaning that there are those out there who are not racist and those who are. Those who will be the first to say, "I will not vote for another {insert race here} ever again!"

Most of these white racists, if you look close at their family tree, might have a couple of colors hidden in the roots...if not in-breeders. *Snorts with laughter*

So, yes, I just hope that we as Americans steer clear of racial shyness when it comes to voting in our next president. That's it for my rant! And I apologize again for posting my opinion in this matter. *Laughs again*