Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pardon My Rant...

I don't usually post political blogs. I tend to stray far, far away from two topics. Politics and Religion.


Because, as someone once said, the two things in this world that should end wars are the two things that begin them. You cannot talk politics and religion in polite company without someone getting offended and a shouting match almost always ensues.

So why do I choose this moment to post a political rant? Because I just can't remain silent any longer.

America, you have spoken in this last vote. We, as a whole, are tired of the continued downward spiral that has become our nation. It is proven that the methods Obama and the Democrats have chosen to adopt are failing. Now... if you still like Obama, I mean no offense. But how can you look at the state of our nation and not feel a little sad by what has come about in the past two years. We have had presidents come and go, screw up our country as well as do their best to repair it, but to keep turning a deaf ear to the majority, well. That just is not how we Americans like to run things.

But this is not the overall point of my rant. The point of my rant, the one thing that saddens me the most about all of this is the fact that Obama has ruined most any chance of another African American making it to the presidency. Obama will go down in history as our "First Black President", yes, but at what cost to those who wish to follow? It will be an unfortunate side effect of his term. There are plenty of people out there, and it doesn't matter what race they are, that would love the chance and could possibly effectively run this country, but we Americans are of a breed that tend to run in single minded circles. This meaning that there are those out there who are not racist and those who are. Those who will be the first to say, "I will not vote for another {insert race here} ever again!"

Most of these white racists, if you look close at their family tree, might have a couple of colors hidden in the roots...if not in-breeders. *Snorts with laughter*

So, yes, I just hope that we as Americans steer clear of racial shyness when it comes to voting in our next president. That's it for my rant! And I apologize again for posting my opinion in this matter. *Laughs again*


Ted Cross said...

Uh, because it took eight years of concerted effort by the Bush administration to screw things up this badly, and we gave Obama less than two to magically heal everything. He put in place the policies that halted the worst recession since the Great Depression. The Republicans have realized that they just need to spout off sound bytes and the majority will jump right on board because they really don't want to hear the actual details of what it takes to repair things. Next what they will do is blather about fiscal responsibility while pushing through an enormous new debt by extending Bush-era tax cuts. Go ahead, believe the lies. We are getting what we deserve.

Mel Chesley said...

I did get sidetracked while writing this post and I do have to agree that Bush was just the worst thing to come along. I didn't vote for him either time and I used to claim I was a Republican.

I agree, we did sit here with anticipation hoping the nation could be healed in two years, but all of the back-stabbing, growling and snarling of all parties involved isn't helping. No one wants to be the one to step up and say, "Hey... something has to stop. Something has to give. Our country is in serious trouble here."

All you see in the media is the finger pointing, the name calling and the bribes. My whole point of this post is the fact that people are going to be wary to vote in our first Hispanic president or even another African American because they are all going to look at Obama and say, "Gosh, we don't want this to all happen again."

That is what the whole point was. We're supposed to be a nation with open minds but there are too many closed ones.

Mel Chesley said...

And again... This wasn't meant to offend and of course it did. So, again my apologies. I do have my opinion and you have yours. I won't shove mine down your throat if you don't shove yours down mine.

I have been known to change my mind on more than one occasion. ;)

Ted Cross said...

Thanks. I am beyond frustrated at the modern American's seeming inability to have any level of patience. It takes more time to fix things than it does to break them. We are in serious trouble right now, and I am very worried about my beloved country for the near future. I think the most visible damage will come from Congress with their blocking of every attempt to do anything, but the greatest damage may come from the Supreme Court. I am so happy I live overseas now.

It just isn't logical, even when unhappy, to return power to those who caused the mess. They will simply resume the same policies that hurt us time and time again.

I avoid politics on the net, too, but I couldn't help but respond to this one, so sorry!

Mel Chesley said...

No worries Ted. Times like these stress everyone out. I'm glad you are overseas as well and away from this mess. I am happy I live up in Alaska and am somewhat buffered from the impact. I have family and friends in the lower 48 though, that I hate seeing struggle so much. We seriously just need to start over in this country. But that won't happen and it certainly won't help either. It would just be like putting a very small band-aid on a broken pipe.