Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yes, It Is Me...

I know, I have been scarce. Work is creeping up to Winter Break, which begins on Friday for me. It is nice, I get to have the same school holidays off as my daughter. It makes things a little easier on her as she has been struggling with the fact that I am working during her Senior year and not always here to help her when she gets home from school. We're making it work, though. Dinner might be late on the table some nights, but dinner gets done. Somehow.

I'm going to try to schedule a couple of posts and spend as much of this break as I can catching up on all of yours! I need to, at the very least, read the current ones just to know what is going on. Or you can all comment here and catch me up on the details. *Nudge, nudge*

When I have been writing, I worked on "Legend of Black Rose". Then the other night, my creative juices were flowing so much I couldn't sleep, so I opened up "Crowning Absolution". Most of you know, this is my re-write of my first book that was published through Publish America. I'm still waiting for that contract to end, hopefully soon. We'll see. They probably read my blog and point at the screen and laugh maniacally. This deep booming voice from the large crack in their floor bellows, "You wish, lady!!"


I have been getting back to writing, very slowly, now that things are settling down on the business proposal stuff as well. Almost done with it!

Just wanted to drop in, say hello and to work on those scheduled posts. I miss you all!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hi Mel!
Okay, let me explain...
No, no, too much - let me sum up.
Still too much - visit me when you can!

Jamie Gibbs said...

Welcome back, Mel!
Good luck trying to juggle everything around; we'll still be here when you can come online :)

Hart Johnson said...

It's good to see you, Mel--we are looking at that two-parent working transition, though it's hubby whose been home (but we need him to work) and I'm sure my kids will be similarly put out (and surprised to find themselves such). Good luck catching back up!

As for me... editing editing editing! (though tomorrow's blog will have some lovely man butts, so that is worth stopping in for, eh?)