Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Excited...

I believe I have finally come up with the synopsis for my book, "Crowning Absolution". I have the single sentence description as well. Something I have been thinking about all week after having taken a break from writing, even if it was not a planned break, per se.

So without further ado, here is my one sentence description:

"An arranged marriage is about to end an Ages old war...if the bride regains her memory."

My synopsis would go something like this:

"Kayta Ni'adzul has been the protector of her kingdom for only a few short years. Now she will become the one to unite her kingdom with their enemy. But change brings fear and the only way to stop these changes is to take action. Kayta soon finds herself in strange company, with no memory of who she is or of the life she once lead.

Alabassin Li'endrin is the sole heir to the throne. Going against generations of tyrannical rule, he intends to enter into a marriage that would end an Ages old war. His father has other plans for his son's reign. When Alabassin's intended bride suddenly disappears, he has a difficult choice to make. Go to war or find his betrothed, no matter the cost."

By all means, everyone, let me know what you think! I may be excited, but I do realize this is something that might need tweaking, so critique me, baby!

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