Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reading For A Cause...

We've all been there. Sick, scared and more often than not, no insurance and broke due to medical bills.

I'm in that same place these days. Although I have no diagnosis so I am not going to post details yet until I have one.

There is a woman, though, who does have a diagnosis, she's a mom, a wife and has breast cancer. My sister-in-law is donating ALL of her proceeds from her book as well as her e-books to her friend to help with the medical bills.

As Cheri says, "A little click can go a long way..." So head on over to Cheri's Blog and read the details to see how you can help. And please pass this along. Tweet it, FaceBook it, Post about it... If you can donate, do so. If you can't, do what you can.

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