Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Still Here...

Awesome, I have a couple new followers. Welcome and hope I don't bore you to death. Actually, I've been told I'm pretty entertaining.

These days I don't feel very witty, however. Lots going on, too many details to really divulge. Especially when most of what I know are just "Possibilities". Nothing concrete as of yet to share.

It seems that my brain-to-fingers connection is still working as well as it was several months ago. Now if I could just get that brain-to-mouth connection back, I'd be as quick witted as ever. I like being he comic relief.

Speaking of comic relief, I absolutely enjoy writing in those quirky characters that make the reader laugh. It gives me an outlet for all my sarcastic, snarky, smart-assed-ness that just seems to build up in my system and has no way of being let out. I could be more like that in these blogs just the same, but then no one would read my stuff. Ha!

So how do you use your characters to your advantage? What is that dark side you hide, only to filter through into your creations? I want to know!

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