Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What ...Writing?

Oh yeah, writing. That is what this blog is supposed to be about. Silly me. I almost forgot. :D

Not really, but over the internet you really can't appreciate my dry sense of humor or my sarcastic wit. Hmm.. maybe you can.

Anyway! Yes, this is a blog about my "career" as a writer. However, it seems like life gets in the way more often than not. Things these days are more of a struggle than they were say... several months ago. I did not participate in the last National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I have fallen out of the habit of logging into my account.

Quite honestly, I don't remember the last time I wrote something or edited or revised. Huh.

I wake up every morning to my map on my wall covered on one side with blue post-it notes. Ideas had even flashed in my mind awhile back about turning it into an online role playing game similar to World of Warcraft.

What has gotten into me? Well... work. But that doesn't stop most authors I know. Life. Doesn't stop them either. Being sick... no. Being lazy... probably closer to the truth! Instant gratification taunts me. But I think my biggest motivator as of late has been....


Every artist/author experiences fear to some degree. Everything has to be perfect. This is US we're selling, after all. For me, I'm a bit of a conundrum. Fear of success and fear of failure play huge roles in my life. I so need to get over it or I won't publish until I'm 80! Or won't be published until after I am dead. Where's the fun in that? I won't get to enjoy the ride!

So basically I am back to telling myself to get over myself and DO something.

Yeah, I'm working on it. :D


Elizabeth Mueller said...

Hey, girl. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I think it's the fear of being judged. But once our work is out there, we, in a way, don't belong to ourselves anymore. It is a lot to bear, but I feel it is so worth it!

I wish you the best. Be good to my friend! :P

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Unknown said...

Hey Mel, if you ever want to do a one-hour writing challenge, let me know. It might be a motivator for you. It works for me that way. I get online with a friend and we basically do a ready, set, WRITE, for about an hour or so. (we decide on a set time limit). We do our best to not do anything else during that time and just write. At the end of the hour, we exchange what we've written, and see who wrote the most words. I always lose! lol Even though I lose the word count, I can still churn out about 700-900 words in that time. It motivates me to keep going. Email me if you want to do one. I wrote almost all of my last two books using that method.