Thursday, June 2, 2011

Having A Blast...

I'm doing rather well down here in Arizona after having acclimated to Alaska. I'm not melting yet, so that is good, right?

I want to thank Alex and Jamie and Falen for posting up that I am looking for Beta Readers. I am looking!

Let me give you the details of what exactly I am looking for.

"Crowning Absolution" will eventually be split into three books. I am writing the whole thing down at once, because otherwise I mess up my time lines. This just works for me. I would like an overall critique of the MS (all three parts). Now this means we're looking at over 100K words. BUT... I am in NO RUSH. Well, I am, but I'm not, does that make sense? I don't have a deadline.

I want to know what is lacking in the story and what should just be dropped altogether. I already know I have lots of filler fluff and that it needs work, this is a first draft. After I get some feedback, I'll have a better idea of where to go with the revising, because personally, I think this is why I get so freakin' stuck.

I can sit here and edit and revise til I turn purple with orange polka dots, but that isn't going to help me much unless I know what the reader thinks.

Here's the other thing. This is High Fantasy, kids (or at least that is the classification for something like this). Sometimes I feel people are willing to read just about anything to help out, (I will sometimes read romance and do offer up a decent opinion about it, even though I don't like it) but if you really don't like fantasy, I don't want you to read it and go, "Eh. It's fantasy. It's okay." I realize fantasy is not everyone's thing. I do want honest opinions though, so if you are willing to offer that up, then we're good to go!

As I stated before, I am on vacation. I'll get into more details when I get back and get the ball rolling. Mainly because I can't get my laptop to connect to the internet here...otherwise, we'd be going already. Thanks everyone for all of your support and help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!!


Unknown said...

HI ya! I've nominated you for a sweet blog award. Come back to my blog to copy and paste the award and bring it over here!
Well Done!


Larissa said...

Hey, please stop by my blog to pick up your reward!

Jamie Gibbs said...

You're welcome Mel :) Good luck getting your Beta army together!!