Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Monday...

Not that it means anything significant. I wonder if I missed a Meme? And I know that my friends "across the pond" or "down under" are a day ahead of me. (Hello from the future!)

I got frustrated and fed up with the two programs that I use to write. Okay, in all reality, I only use one. I use Open Office. I had a trial version of Microsoft Office on my laptop and apparently never got rid of it. So when I did a "save as" for my MS and saved it in Microsoft Word to send out to my Beta Readers, I thought... no problem. I always try to send it out in Word because most people use that. I continued happily on my merry way, writing down about another 3,000 words. I saved it in Open Office.

Well, when I opened up the document to continue, the newer stuff was gone. I almost flipped out. I tell you what... I had been sort of tired the night before and really didn't remember all I had written. Pantser, remember? So I opened up the Word file. Sure enough, there it was. And because I only have a trial program on there and no product key, I can't copy and paste.

The computer geek in me wracked my brain to try and figure out how to remedy this situation and I think I have it under control. But man... I had lost an entire MS once when my old desktop caught a worm virus and my entire hard drive was destroyed. Lost art work as well. NOT fun.

So, I'll get back to writing. Just super tired and still feeling irritated about the bump in the road. Doesn't take much to get me all riled up and I still have to smooth my feathers, put my claws back in and talk nice to the laptop I threatened to throw under the next moose I saw.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Never save when tired?