Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: Griffin's Daughter by Leslie Ann Moore...

Since I got my Kindle from my wonderful hubby I've been enjoying it immensely!

The first book I bought was my sister-in-law, Cheri Chesley's book, "The Wild Queen". That was a no-brainer purchase.

Since my funds were limited, though, I started browsing all the free eBooks out there and came across "Griffin's Daughter" by Leslie Ann Moore. I think someone here in the blog world that I follow must have reviewed it at some point because it sounded familiar. But I follow LOTS of blogs and almost ALL of them do reviews.

So here is mine! Lol!

Product description (courtesy of

BORN BETWEEN TWO cultures, a young woman searches for acceptance. An ancient evil searches for her. A young girl lives as a social outcast due to her mixed human and elven blood. To escape an arranged marriage, Jelena flees into the unknown on a quest to find her elven father. Her journey takes her on an unexpected adventure of magic, danger, and most startling of all - true love. 2008 IBPA Ben Franklin Award for Best First Fiction

My thoughts:

I could not put this book down. Leslie Ann's descriptions were great. The story was smooth and seamless. My only regret is I did not purchase the YA version of it and ended up getting some steamy sex scenes. Sorry people, but sex in fantasy? Puhleeze.... this is a bit much. (It is also a soap box rant for another day.) I am not a prude, but I just get irritated with the "sex sells" crap. Okay, so part of my soap box rant made it in here...

Aside from that, the characters were good and likeable. I connected with them right away. Jelena is sweet and feels like no matter where she goes in life, whether it be human population or Elven population, she will be outcast. She wants to fit into one society at the very least, rather than be treated like the mongrel that she is, forced to work in her own Uncle's kitchens because he wants nothing to do with her. She escapes her human life because she refuses to move from one form of slavery into another, that of being some Nobleman's concubine.

The descriptions in this book are most definitely Asian in nature. Pagodas, embroidered silk clothing, very, very honor bound people, the Elves. I love the combination of mingling Elves and the Asian culture. LOVE it.

However, I give it a 3 and a 1/2 Skull and Crossbones rating simply because of the sex. Without the sex, I give it 4 and 1/2. Sue me.

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