Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favorites, Fantasy Art & A Funny...

Okay, so getting back to my regularly scheduled Friday post... I hope you enjoy this one.

Favorite books/authors:

I think this week I will list J. A. Jance. I absolutely adore her books and her style of writing. The fact that she's based one of her characters in Arizona had nothing to do with me liking her books. Yeah, I'm lying. I don't miss living in Arizona, but I did live there for 20 some odd years, it's hard not to miss some aspects of it. The heat, I don't miss at all.
Back to miss Jance. I've read all of her Joanna Brady mysteries. Not so much the J.P. Beaumont ones, I don't know why. I think I like the female MC over the male. Even though strong female characters are more prominent these days, they weren't around so much before and I still find it refreshing. I know, weird. That describes me to a tee.

Favorite movies:

I think you knew this one would be showing up eventually. All of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! Yes, even this latest installment of the movies was actually pretty good. I liked the mermaids, but my husband loved the last movie simply because Kiera Knightley wasn't in it and yelling, "Fierah!" (As opposed to "Fire!" every time they shot a cannon... okay so she did get the word right ONCE out of all three movies...) I liked the story of Will and Elizabeth, don't get me wrong. But somewhere out there in the buzz of things, she sort of bit the hand that fed her by stating she refused to do another "stupid" pirate movie. Hello? Girlie, those movies MADE you.
Okay I'll get off my soapbox.

Favorite music:

ZZ Top. Yep... love those long bearded, crazy car boys. It's been a while since I have heard much of their music, but when I do I keep snapping my fingers and saying, "Dammit I have to add them to my iTunes!" Meh. I still forget and just snapped my fingers again... I'm old school, what can I say. I love all sorts of music, but I'm still a sucker for stuff I listened to when I was a kid.

Okay now for the fantasy art:

I absolutely adore the fantasy artwork of Ruth Thompson. This is one of my favorites:

Okay and now for the funny... in the spirit of Monty Python... :

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Dig that last picture! I'm glad they dropped those two characters for the fourth movie. Besides, the ending of the third sucked. They only get to see each other once every ten years? Really? And we're supposed to be satisfied with that ending?

Mel Chesley said...

I got a kick out of that picture. And I agree, the ending did suck. I, for one, am not satisfied with that ending. But oh well.

Jamie Gibbs said...

Get the holy hand grenade of antioch!

I loves Pirates 1, and Bill Bighy made pirates 2 for me, but 3 and 4 were okay. They felt like 'leave your brain at the door' flicks, but they're still damn good considering the whole franchise was based on a theme park ride :P