Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet Laria...

From "Laria's Guide to Hunting": "If it has more heads than you have limbs, get the hell outta there!"

So yes, yesterday's scheduled post was an epic failure, but fear not! I have gathered my wits enough to get my act together and get it up today. So without further ado, I give you Laria.

First, Liz gave me a little bit of background on Laria that I would like to share.

{Liz: My background for Laria has held true for all aspects.. either table top role-playing or online.. her parents were killed in an orc attack when she was young.. she got angry, and a bit rebellious.. so she learned to fight. Laria went against elf standards and reached out to the world.. she wanted to see what else was out there. She isn't snooty.. like most elves in standard fantasy. She fights to live and lives to fight. She is very independent and proud. She is Leoni's fire for a reason..She is always hoping to revenge her parents, while she builds a life for herself. She may seem tough, but she is very loyal and has a lot of compassion.}

Me: Okay Laria, thanks for taking time out of your busy adventure to speak with us humans. First of all, I hear you like to "cook". Do you have any recipes?

Laria: Cook ye say? Well cooking is simple, sugar.. ye find a meaty animal.. anything will do.. ye pound it a bit till it stops moving.. then ye take it's meat and throw it in a pot. As fer recipes? Well what ye got in yer pack? ::rummages a bit:: I got some salt, a passable bit of carrot ::blows it off:: and oh look! A potato!

::Laria throws it all in a boiling pot of water::

I call this.. Wayfarer's Stew!

Me: Erm, yum. Okay well, let's see... Can you tell us a little about what is important to you, Laria?

Laria: Most important tae me? That's easy sugar! Loyalty. Finding something worthwhile and sticking tae it. A guild, a friend, yer family. Once ye say yer gonna be there, or do something.. don't go back on that.

Me: In my book, you seem to have some issues with the Elven Knight, Talaver, trying to get you to go back to the Elves. You seem to like to be out in the world though, is that correct?

Laria: I do like being out in the world. It's an interestin' place. So many different things tae see- different races, different lives- why would I want tae surround myself with all the same thing- especially when they all look like me. ::Laria winks at this and chuckles:: There is more tae life than pointy ears I always say. Ok, I don't always say that- in fact I just thought of it, but hey, it's good huh? And between ye, me and the quill.. Elves can be a bit pompus. All that elfy pomp and blah can be annoying after awhile.

Now if you'll excuse me love, I think I see tonight's dinner passing by ::Laria takes off after something small, furry and, in your opinion, rather questionable looking::

Me: Well! Okay, safe travels, Laria! Don't tell her I said this, but I think she's got a bit of a short attention span for an Elf...

Laria: Oi! I heard that!

Me: Oops! Well, guess I better be off before it's my rump in that cookpot. Have a great weekend everyone!


Angela Brown said...

I like Laria's style. She's all about adventure and loyalty. And her cooking is very simple. Beat it and boil it. Seems easy enough :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Funny exchange! She definitely doesn't have any of that elfy pomp.

Mel Chesley said...

Yes, she is a feisty one. :D

Unknown said...

I haven't read much of the elf theme but I think it's time I upped my quota. Thanks for introducing us to Lily.
C, yours is a blog that I really am sorry I don't visit more often. I'm following you with my book blog now to make sure I do. The one I followed you on is off on sabbatical.