Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sky Is Falling...

No, not really. The only thing falling is my daily page views, but what can I expect when I haven't been blogging much?

I'm trying to get back to this and find a good balance.

I'm a Libra. I'm all about balance. It is funny how my life seems to work in balances as well. My hubby and I were talking to my son over dinner one night about how life throws you curve balls. I told him that I live my life knowing that if something good happens to me/us, I celebrate for a bit, then sit back and wait for the bad to come.

Some people would tell me I am creating the bad that way. But I don't believe that. There are times when I am not expecting the bad to come kicking down my door.

The opposite seems to hold true as well, though. If something bad happens, I can expect something good to follow. It is the balance of my life. Something I have learned to live with and can pretty much predict.

Just like Karma. I can't do anything bad, or Karma slams me instantly, three-fold. Don't ever, ever snigger at a large person riding a bicycle. (Bless their heart for doing so to improve their health...) You hot water heater will explode and flood your house, your alternator on your car will die and you won't have any cash on hand to fix either problem right away.... (However, I did find $20 in the flooded mess of my son's room.)

So for me, blogging, writing, working and trying to keep things going on the home front is a juggling act, yes. But I need to balance that with time for myself to rest and relax, have fun with my family and all that. I'm dropping fewer items as I juggle these days, so the less I drop, the more I attempt to pick one thing back up at a time and re-work it into my schedule.

That and I miss the stuffing out of you guys.

Woohoo! Two posts in one week. Woot! Have a great day!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey, I need my stuffing now!
Life is like the ocean, with ebbs and flows and tides that constantly change.

Mel Chesley said...

Oh all right, I will let you keep your stuffing. :P Hehe!

Unknown said...

No worries, Mel, we're still here :)

I know what you mean about trying to juggle everything. Sometimes you stop juggling and do things for you now and again, if nothing else than to reinvigorate you :)

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I hope you find your balance soon. As for pageviews, some of that is luck. I just added one for you right here :)