Sunday, April 22, 2012

When To Quit...

Quitting, for me, can either be super easy or super hard. Like right now, with work and trying to pay all these bills that keep crawling out of the woodwork, quitting is not an option. So when I slept on my shoulder wrong and it got sore, then worse, it was all my fault for not stopping to take it easy.

But when it comes to writing something I don't like or just don't "feel", quitting is easy.

What brought on this topic? Something Stephanie said in my last post. (You can read the post and comment here.) I do give it the old "College Try" before I drop it, though. I try to find a way to get into the story, the characters and all that. However, if I just don't feel the chemistry, it's over.

So when do you drop a story you just don't love? Do you work and re-work it or do you just move on if you don't feel the vibe?

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Set it aside and come back later. That's not quitting, just delaying!