Monday, May 7, 2012


I hope this is only a minor glitch with Blogger today. I've tried dozens of times to go to my reading list and it continues to tell me I am not following any blogs.

Pardon my language, but the hell I'm not!

Hopefully this is something that will get fixed. Soon. I'm starting to lose faith in this "new and improved" Blogger. Work out the kinks before you update, it is possible.

Other than that I am having a better day than I expected. The universe has answered some of my prayers, now I sit patiently awaiting the rest. Well, no, I'm not sitting around doing nothing. I'm actually working and trying to move forward. If I stop and just wait, then I really will not be able to move forward anymore.

Sorry so cryptic. I'm just having lots of personal issues these days and hoping to keep the roof we have over our heads. So feel free to add your prayers to mine.

Have a great day everyone.


Donna Hosie said...

It has just taken me ten minutes to find my reading list as well. I HATE this new blogger.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Mel Chesley said...

Thanks, Donna. And yeah, I'm not lovin' this new blogger much. This is like the third time it has done this to me and I definitely give feedback when it does.

D.G. Hudson said...

Blogger is starting to aggravate, but going back is possible for the time being.

Don't let the bad days get you down. Listen to music, whatever kind you like.

Unknown said...

Blogger loves to throw spanners into the works - give it a kick and it should be fine :)

Hope everything works out, Mel. Thinking of you :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's why I always use Google Reader - blogs don't hide there.

Angela Brown said...

I'm still getting to know this new Blogger. We've had a moment or two of discourse. But things are going along okay.

I think you're on point to be patient but work toward your goal. Hope all falls into place as your work pans out.