Wednesday, June 6, 2012

IWSB (Insecure Writers Support Group)...

Oh, my insecurities run fast and deep these days. However, most of them (okay 98% of them) are not about writing. They do have that connection, though, as in "Will I ever get back to working on my stuff?".

I know I will. Sometimes life has a way of just well, getting in the way. At the moment, Life has decided to not only kick down my door like Hagrid did in the first "Harry Potter" movie, but it has taken up residence in my house, has eaten all my food and is now looking at me like, "What the hell ya gonna do about it?"

I'm not very good with change. I mean, I accept change, I can change if needed and am very proud of myself for growing and maturing as a human being. But you throw more than one change at me at a time and I'll go bananas. Routine is everything to me. I've been that way for some time now, due to all my anxiety and stress and depression. I have to have routine or I flip out. So when I had several changes happen at once over the course of a couple of weeks, guess what happened. Yeah, I flipped.

There is some good coming from it. Most of all, this paper route. As it sits right now, my husband and I do the route together. Now that we know it, we are giving each other a couple days off from it here and there. It isn't a big deal to go it alone. But it is yet something else we need to work a routine into. As it goes right now, I get home from work, sit up for about half an hour to unwind, go to bed, get up at 4 a.m., do the paper route, get home around 8:30 a.m., go back to bed and either sleep til I have to go to job #2 or get up a little earlier to hop in the shower...

I'm bloody exhausted. BUT! We have a goal in mind. We have a certain amount of bills to pay and another amount to save up, then we can drop the paper route and be caught up with cash left to spare. Just my luck, I finally get to the point where I can start saving money and the world will end.

Ha ha! I'm joking. Sort of.

So I suppose my insecurity this month is the fact that even writers have to take a hiatus whether they want to or not. I had no intention of just walking away from revisions and such of books two and three. I will be editing book one once I get my edits from Hellfire and promoting the heck out of that book. But it will be a bit before I can get back to book two revisions and then finishing up book three. In the meantime, I'm having withdrawals from writing so I work on little things, like the daily Writer's Cramp at or polishing  up my short stories.

So to any other writers out there going through some rough times and making sacrifices, this too shall pass.  Good luck!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry you're on hold. It will pass!

Cherie Reich said...

It will pass. :) I hope you can get back to writing and all that goes along with it soon!

Allison said...

You will get back to writing if you love it, which I think you do!

Allison (Geek Banter)