Saturday, June 23, 2012

This Momentary Pause Brought To You By...

Well, I have had a breather of sorts. I have asked to be dropped down to three days a week at my other job. Not that I have caught myself up on much other than blog posts, some reading, doing artwork for my characters...

But I am taking it a bit easier and things aren't so hectic I can't slow down. This newspaper route has even inspired a story! Imagine that. Once I have it done, I'll share for sure. My husband and one of my co-workers both think I'm crazy because of the idea behind the story, but I do have to keep reminding them: "I AM a writer, you know..."

I hope everyone else is doing well. I've had a good response from people about my upcoming book launch/blog tour. I've got lots of people waiting in the wings to do reviews. That makes me nervous as hell, but it has to be done, right? Like getting a bad tooth pulled. Right? Gah!

I've been working on my character drawings. Laria is the first and I think I still have the preliminary sketch around here somewhere... hang on. *Digs around in her computer files*

Oh yes! Here it is:

Hmm... not the best, but you get the idea at least. I'm still working on it and once I get it all figured out, I'll do a final outline in ink, then comes the color. I've been sending these little updates to my friend Liz and she's ok'd them so far. I'll be adding a quiver to her hip, possibly a light cloak... but Liz said she's heavily tattooed, so I have to work those in as well. Then I'll move on to the next character. This is going to be fun!

Hope you all have had a relaxing, enjoyable weekend. I'll see you all later on this week!


Tonja said...

Great sketch. I wish I could draw. New follower.

Mel Chesley said...

Thanks Tonja and thanks for following as well. :)