Thursday, July 19, 2012

Slipping Into Character...

I have to say, I'm loving my revisions and editing.

I know, I know... around this time last year I was swearing profusely and practically ripping my hair out over editing.

So what's so different?

Well, I used to think I was a die hard pantser. For those of you who don't know, a 'Pantser' is someone who writes without Structure, writing by the seat of their pants, damn the outlines!

I am now an Outliner. I have flipped over to the Dark Side (or is this considered The Light?) and have outlined book two into neat little categories and notes of what I want to see happen and where.


It is SO much easier, I have to admit. I never really liked outlining or Structure. (Notice the use of the capital 'S'.)

However, there is another reason why I am loving my revisions and editing this time around.

I've been patiently waiting for my edits to book one, 'Adversarius' and really didn't want to get all wrapped up in writing and revising until those were done. But, I've needed something to do, something to relieve some major stress I've been dealing with these days. So I started revising book two to get my silly ass in gear and back into the writing swing of things.

I have missed my characters SO MUCH! I almost wanted to draw up life size pictures and hug them all.

Okay, that would be a little... insane.

But you understand what I mean, right? Getting back into the 'groove' of it all, conversing with my characters in my head... I missed it all! Why did I take such a long break?

Oh. Yeah. Meh.

Well, I'm back to the writing board and working on revisions and edits and all that good stuff! I'm excited for book one to come out, but even more excited for book two. Is that possible? And book three?


I don't think I will be able to contain myself. But I shall try.

Hope you all are having a good week and gearing up for the weekend. See you all soon!


Laura M. Campbell said...

It's good to hear that revisions and edits are going well. And a good character can be a good friend at times. I think you should draw up pictures of them. Not so sure about the hugging, but a picture of each one might be cool.

Mel Chesley said...

I am working on pics as we speak! Mind reader. :D

I have one finished picture of Laria at the moment. However, I have to increase the red of her hair. She looks blonde and she is NOT blonde. That's what I get for using cheap colored pencils. I miss my Prisma color pencils soooo much!


Someday I will be able to get them again. In the meantime, I will make do with what I have.

Unknown said...

You'll miss pantsing soon enough and you'll come back. Join us ... Good luck on the revisions!

Mel Chesley said...

I'm sure I will. I will have moments of being a pantser, balanced with outlining... lol!

Allison said...

Glad you are getting back in gear! I think I may be joining the dark side myself.

Allison (Geek Banter)