Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Favorites, Fantasy Art & A Funny...

It's Friday!! But wait, what makes this Friday more special than the last?

I'm done with my paper route!


Okay, I did my happy dance the day after I was done, so I will spare you all from that. So let's get on with the usual post, shall we?

Favorite Books/Authors:

Jennifer Roberson. I devoured her 'Sword Dancer' books with Tiger and Del the moment I read the first book. The woman can write! I don't think there was ever a dull moment in those books, at least for me. I have read other books where the story tends to drag on and I have to stop, put the book down and then continue on the next day. You know, break up the monotony of it all. But I don't remember doing that with Roberson's books. I pretty much sped right through them beginning to end and boy did I hate when they had to end.

Favorite Movie:

Dragon Heart was one of my favorite movies and I remember my kids liked to watch it when they were little. Sean Connery's voice is sexy enough, of course add the man and get a double dose of Scottish hotness. Lol! But I'm a huge fan of dragons to begin with. I didn't even see the entire second movie before I decided it was crap so in order to preserve my love for the original movie, I never attempted to watch it again.

Favorite Music:

Loreena McKennit has been in my music library since I first discovered her. I don't exactly remember when that was, but I do know it was quite some time ago. I love her music. It reminds me of Estrella Wars in the SCA with the drums ringing throughout the campgrounds, the fires burning in everyone's encampments. The laughter, the shouting, the drinking. Oh yes, the drinking... people wandering around with 'War Juice' and offering you a sample of it. I swear, my first war I got drunk on my way to the privies... heh. Her music also triggers images in my head and that is why I play her albums while writing.

Fantasy Art:

I have to say, this is one of my all time favorite pieces of artwork. I remember playing Cosrin, the online RPG and using this pic as reference to Kayta because in the game, she was a half elf, half demon ranger. Now in my books, she's human and all spiffy.

And the Funny... I figured I would share this one. I found it again, cleaning out my folders on my computer:


Okay, have a great weekend everyone! What are your plans?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad your done with your route! And I dig that fantasy art picture as well. (For a completely different reason, of course.)

Leigh Ann said...

Hey, I'm a new follower from over at Book Blogs. I'm having a giveaway right now if you'd like to enter. Either way I would absolutely love for you to stop by! :)

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Mel Chesley said...

Of course, Alex. You're a guy. I don't expect much less from men when they see a sexy female. ;)

Tammy Theriault said...

never heard of the music i gotta look it up! new follower! hi!!