Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Launch Blog Tour: Cheri Chesley...

It's a bit late for this post, but I will post again next week.

My sister in law, Cheri Chesley, has released her latest book 'The Tyrant King'! I'm so very excited for her. She kicked it off with a contest and now you can see the first stop on the tour over here, with J. A. Bennett.

Next on the tour will be in a few days after our holiday with Jamie Gibbs.

Gotta have time to digest the turkey, you know. I'll add the rest of the tour dates later. Have a great day everyone! And, if you'd like to see a bit of my book trailer work, click to watch Cheri's book trailer.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Duh! No wonder her name looked familiar. Already visited today. Books looked really cool.

Unknown said...

Whoo! Go Cheri! Hope the tour is a success!


Mel Chesley said...

Thanks Jamie. And yeah, that's my sis!